Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Antiques Galore!

Okay, so I haven’t posted anything in about two weeks. There have been many things that I thought I would put on here and never did get around to it.  Anyway on to this post, this is one that I thought would interest a few of you (ahem, Carrie).  I follow a blog called My Blessed Life, and today I read about a trip that she took with a good friend of hers to Southern Accents in Cullman, Alabama.
So get this, My Blessed Life is hosting a giveaway over at her blog for a $50 gift certificate to Southern Accents. She will randomly draw for a winner on December 1st.  I decided that I would visit the site of Southern Accents and take a look around, and just look at some of the items that they had on their web site:
There  is so much more there to look at. So here is your chance to win a  $50 gift certificate. Just head on over to My Blessed Life and enter. I would so love to have that Copper Tub, but unfortunately it is way and I mean way out of my price range. The window sashes are more of what I can afford. When I saw these I thought of a friend from North Carolina that takes windows like these and turns them into so many different works of art. I have seen her make chalk boards, and picture frames out of them. Oh I sure would like to have some of them.  I already have a project in mind for them.
Disclosure: The above pictures were taken from Southern Accents web site.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Getting Paid to Shop!

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to get paid to shop? Well I have and I have finally found a way to do just that. Recently I signed up for Ebates which pretty much pays you to shop. This is how it works, you go online and join Ebates (don't worry it is free). After joining you can go to any online store that they feature, (believe me you will find one that you already shop at) and it will tell how much cash back they will pay you just for shopping through them. Here is an example of a purchase I just made this evening.

I went through Ebates and clicked on the Entertainment Book. By purchasing the book through them, I will get 35.0% cash back. The Entertainment Book was priced at $35.00, it was marked down to $28.00 and I also got free shipping. So the amount I will get back from Ebates is $9.80 (it will not show up on my account until a couple of days after my purchase). With the cash back, that's like paying $18.20 for The Entertainment Book.

Some of the ones that I saw today while looking around Ebates were:
The Children's Place 3.0%
FAO Schwartz 4.0%
JCPenney 6.0%
Snapfish 11.5% (This would be good for Christmas Photo Cards)
Target 3.0%
ULTA Beauty 5.0%
Vera Bradley 3.0%

See what I mean? I know you want to "get paid to shop", so why not go to Ebates and sign up. I did.  (o;

Just a quick side note, I did sign up in 2009, but didn't start shopping through them until recently. You have to have money to shop, Ha! I was never a shop on line person, especially since we don't have credit cards, but I have started taking my cash and getting Visa gift cards with them so that I can shop on line. By using the Visa gift card, no one can take my debit card or credit card (if I still had one) and go on a shopping spree.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Campfire Chili

Do you feel what I feel? Ahh, the cool air has finally returned to our small town here in the good ole’ Sunshine State. Of course with the return of the coolness, it is time for our family to have a nice little fire outside to sit around and try to keep warm. I know it makes absolutely no sense, we complain about the heat then what do we do, build a fire to stay warm.DSCN2654 This afternoon Chuck asked me if I would like for us to eat our supper around the fire. My response was, “sure, why not”. So we took our chili and cornbread and ate around our “camp fire”. DSCN2650DSCN2653Of course no campfire is complete unless you have these.DSCN2664There were a couple of times where our marshmallows looked more like Baked Alaska with all the flames coming off of them rather than marshmallows.