Sunday, April 22, 2012

Neon Leon's

On Saturday morning we headed down to Crystal River to spend some time with my in-laws at their "getaway home". They wanted to take us out for lunch and had already picked out a little place off the beaten path around Homosassa. When my mother-in-law (Harriet) told us that we were going to go to Neon Leon's Zydeco Steakhouse Chuck & I looked at each other with a look of concern. Chuck and I had driven past this place several times before when we had been in the area and said that this would not be a place we would ever go to. Just didn't seem like a "family friendly" place, more of a "jukin joint". My father-in-law (Ray) said the same thing, but after having someone recommend the place, decided that it would be a good place to try.

After eating there, it was decided that this is a place we would go back to again. Harriet ordered the Cajun Sampler which included Jambalaya, Etoufee & Gumbo served with rice. Ray had the Jambalaya. They both said it was very good. Chuck had the fried oysters (I don't like oysters, but he said they were really good), I had the fried shrimp, I didn't care to much for them. They were frozen, breaded shrimp ):  but the hush puppies were some of the best that I have ever had. Tyler got the Shrimp Po' Boy, I took a couple of bites and can tell you that when we go back, I will be ordering that. Kaelyn of course had to be different and get a cheeseburger, and after taking a small bite of her burger, she made a good choice.

When we left there Ray wanted to show us a place near by that his parents used to camp at years ago. He said that it had changed so much since they camped there. Instead of being a campground it looks more like people are living there on a permanent basis now.

Somehow Chuck and his dad got to talking about smoked mullet and on the way back to the condo, Ray saw a little shop that sells smoked mullet.

After we got back home late Saturday afternoon, Chuck and Tyler had the smoked mullet for their supper. Kaelyn and I decided to get pizza instead.
Chuck said the smoked mullet was good would stop in and get more when we are back in the Crystal River/Homosassa area.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Quick Trip

Last Saturday morning Chuck surprised us and asked if we wanted to go to Downtown Disney for the day. Of course we wanted to go ( ; 

Of course one of Tyler's favorite places to stop in at was the LEGO Imagination Center. Do you ever really get to old to build with LEGO'S? According to Tyler the answer is no. He bought a couple of things in there and had them built within 10 minutes of being home.  

Kaelyn and I loved shopping at the Basin. They had all kinds of unique bath and facial products. We each got some bath salts. 

We all agreed one of our very favorite places to stop in at was the Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop. We then found a place outdoors to eat our ice cream cones and do a little "people watching". 

For dinner we really wanted to eat at the House of Blues, but they were booked, (maybe next time). We ended up eating at the Rainforest Cafe.  (I remember my friend Annie posting about them eating there when they were at Downtown Disney a few weeks ago.) 
We loved our quick trip to Downtown Disney and can't wait to go back again.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Last week was Tyler and  Kaelyn's spring break. Our week started out kind of "yucky" Kaelyn was sick for the first part of the week. By Thursday she was feeling better so I took them to the Florida Museum of Natural History where we visited the Butterfly Rainforest. We were surrounded by butterflies and even had a couple land on us. When I would try and take a picture of the kiddo's with a butterfly on them, well let's just say I was not quick enough.

 When we finished walking through the rainforest, we walked through the rest of the museum. Let me just say that not much has changed since I was there five or six years ago. 

On Thursday night we took them to a Gator baseball game against LSU. Unfortunately the Gators lost that night. But we still had fun being together as a family. 

On Friday my mom brought my sisters boys over and we went to lunch with them and took them to the movies to see The Lorax.

I enjoyed the time with my kids and also visiting with my mom and two nephews. Just wish I would have taken pictures of them while they were here.