Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wilton Bakeware

8, 10 and 12 inch round pans

I know this doesn't give you much time to enter this giveaway, but I just stumbled upon it. For all of you who love to bake, this giveaway is for you. Emilie at Baby Loving Momma is having a giveaway for a  Wilton  UltraGold Premium Aluminum Bakeware (this is a $178 value). Giveaway ends Thursday, 1/28/10 at 11:59p.m. CST.

An 11x15 and 12x18 sheet pans and and 11x17 jellyroll pan.

Two square sized pans 8x10

A 9x13 pan.

Super Bowl Commercial

While watching the morning news yesterday, I saw where Tim Tebow and his mother Pam Tebow have a commercial they are doing with Focus on the Family to air on Sunday, February 7 during the Super Bowl. However there are Women's groups that are wanting this commercial pulled from the lineup of commercials for the super bowl. Then this morning I was at the Southern Baptist Convention Website and found an article there from the Baptist Press, it was about the Tebow's and the commercial. You can go here to read the article. I pray (and ask you to pray too) that this commercial will air.

There was also an interesting article that was featuring Bobby Bowden. To read the article go here. Would love to see more coaches talking about their faith.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I saw it on TV

I was recently watching TV with my family and a commercial like no other one we had ever seen came on. After seeing this commercial I went to the website that was up on the screen at the end of the commercial. When I visited that site I saw that I could go to You Tube and I found the commercial. Okay, so I know you are wondering what this commercial is. It was an Interstate Batteries commercial about God's love. Below is the You Tube video.

*Since this is the first time I have ever tried adding a You Tube video to my blog post, I'm not sure how well it will turn out. So if you can't see/hear the video you can go here to see it.

Needless to say, what a great thing to see on TV.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One sore Momma

Oh my gosh, I woke up this morning so sore. It hurts so much to move my arms, have no idea how I am going to dry my hair without my arms killing me. Oh well, it was so worth my arms being sore this morning. Okay, lets start at the beginning, a very good place to start. Yesterday my sister came over to the house so that we could work on Waylon's valentine holder for school and to get an idea for what kind of homemade valentines that he could give to his classmates at school. So we used this to cut out lots of hearts.

When we finished with that project, Crystal said that she wanted to play the Wii that the kids got for Christmas. So off to the living room we go and turn this on.

We started out bowling, then we tried our hand at tennis (which neither one of us knew what we were doing, actually we just couldn't get the timing right to hit that ball). We tried boxing, but didn't really like that, so after the first round we called it quits. Next we moved on to baseball, I love me some Wii baseball. While we were playing ball, Crystal's little boy Wyatt (he's 2) stood up at the TV screen yelling at the batter,"Don't swing, take for a walk!" (can you tell that he has watched Chicken Little quite a few times?). Between our skills at baseball and listening to him, we ended up laughing so much that it was hard to play very well. In the end we both did an okay job, the ending score to our game 0 - 0. Yes we did get a few hits, but never made it around all the bases. We decided to pass on the golf.

After playing the Wii Sports we put in the Winter Olympic Games.

We started out with figure skating, and went on and did every Olympic game that was available to us. We spent about three hours playing these games. Although I do believe we laughed more than we actually played. Sorry we didn't take any pictures of us playing. Even if we did, I don't think that I would post them for everyone to see. There are just some things people don't need to see, and one of those is an overweight momma playing the Wii. (;

So being sore today is so worth the time that I spent with my sister yesterday and for the workout that I got. Can't wait to play some more. I have thought about getting this:

Do any of you have this? If so, do you like it and would you reccomend getting one?

To my sister, thanks for all the laughs yesterday!

Monday, January 11, 2010

lisa leonard giveaway . . . courtesy of fabulous k:

If you are a regualr follower of my blog, you know that I am a sucker for "giveaways". I was visiting fabulous-k  today and she is having a really neat giveaway. Head on over to her site and you can see how to enter to win a $75 (that's right I said $75) gift certificate to Lisa Leonard Designs. Lisa has been blessed with the talent of making some really pretty jewelry. I think the necklace I like the most is her "from-up-here-necklace"

"From Up Here Necklace"

Friday, January 8, 2010

Conversations With A Two Year Old . . .

Oh the conversations I have with my nephew Wyatt. I love it when he comes to stay with me, we have the best time. I just like to hear him talk, and boy can he talk. I wanted to share some of our conversations that we have had this week.

Wyatt: An Tanna, you got canles (candles) in your house?
Me: Yes, I have candles in my house.
Wyatt: I have canles in my house too.

I was helping him get his clothes on, and as I was putting his shirt on him he says, "I wearing my cookie shirt". To which I reply, "Yes, you are. I like your cookie shirt." Wyatt then says, "I like my cookie shirt too, I like cookies." I say, "Me too". He says, "We make cookies at your house An Tanna?". I told him that we would make cookies again one day.  Let me just say that his little shirt says it all. He is one "tough cookie".


Wyatt loves to wander around my house and see what he can find. The other day he found the Yahtzee game and wanted the dice that were in there. I gave him the dice and he started stacking them up. Which started another conversation for us:
Wyatt: Look I make a tower.
Me: Ooh, I like that tower you built. You did a great job.
Wyatt: Itsa (it's a) big tower.
Me: It sure is a big tower.
He then knocks his tower over and begins stacking them again.
Wyatt: I makin a small tower now. See itsa small one.
Me: That is a small tower.
Wyatt: I need my truck. (He gets his little, and I mean little dump truck and puts two of the dice in there, then makes the truck dump them out.)

Sorry this isn't a very good picture.

Today when I picked up Tyler and Kaelyn from school and we were on our way back to my house, we saw my dad driving in front of us. I said something about Papa being in front of us and Wyatt said, "I wuv (love)Papa".
Then he starts saying:
Wyatt: Kaeyn (Kaelyn) you wuv me?
Kaelyn: Yes.
Wyatt: An Tanna you wuv me?
Me: Yes, I love you very much.
Wyatt: Tyer (Tyler) you wuv me?
Tyler: Yeah.
Wyatt: Tank you.
How sweet is that. I love my conversations with a two year old, especially a certain one.

My Husband . . A Fellow Blogger

Several months ago I asked my husband if he would ever blog, and his answer was "no". I told him that if he didn't want to have his own blog, he could always be a "guest writer" here on mine. Well guess who changed his mind. Last weekend he asked me if I would show him how to get started on setting up a blog. I looked at him like he had lost his mind. So Saturday afternoon I helped him get his blog set up. I invite you to go here and see what this man of mine has to say. So to my husband, welcome to the world of blogging, and I look forward to reading all your posts.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back into a routine..

Don't you just love routine? I do, especially when it comes to our day to day living. Today Tyler and Kaelyn went back to school from their Christmas break. I was glad to get back into a routine with them, but at the same time was a little sad to see them go back to school. I know call me crazy, but I enjoyed the two weeks that they had off for Christmas.

So my husband got the kids up and had them eating breakfast while he packed their lunches, (boy do I have a loving husband, I was still snuggled down in our warm bed- thanks honey!). I finally talked myself into getting out of the comfort of the bed and getting ready to take the kids to school. We were probably about a half mile down the road when Kaelyn starts asking Tyler, "Do you have your backpack, what about your homework?", then Chuck looks in the rear view mirror and asks her if she has her backpack, lunchbox. Yes she had her backpack, no lunchbox though. We turned around and went back to the house for her lunchbox.

After dropping the kids off at school, we headed for our Monday morning "date spot" ; ) Wal-Mart (just kidding about the date spot) but we do go to Wal-Mart every Monday after dropping the kids off for school to buy groceries for the week. Then it was back home to put away the things we bought.

The house seemed so quiet, since the kiddo's were at school. Not for long though, our phone rang so much today. We usually don't get any phone calls at the house during the day, unless my sister calls me. Today however was a different story, you would have thought that our house was Grand Central Station with all the phone calls. By the way, one of those calls was from my sweet little sister.

So the kiddo's are back home from school now and are quietly sitting in their room doing homework. So yes I have settled back into my routine. Clothes are washed, dishes are clean and all of our Christmas decorations have been taken down and boxed up for another eleven months.