Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Family Reunion

This past weekend we had our annual family reunion for my Dad's side of the family. Our family of four were able to make the trip down to Otter Springs on Friday and stayed in one of the rental cabins  until Sunday. On Friday afternoon I had the opportunity to visit with my parents, a couple of my aunts and cousins.

On Saturday morning we woke up to very cool temperatures and rain. I had planned on going to my nephews t-ball game that morning before the reunion but it was canceled. When my sister and her family got there, the girls (my mom, sister, daughter and I) left to go see about the food we would be taking for the reunion.

This is my dad with his brothers and sisters. He had three sisters and one brother that have passed away.  Yes my Granny had ELEVEN children that lived.

Each year at our reunion we have an auction. Families bring in things that they have bought or made to be auctioned off. We do this auction to raise money to pay for the rental of the building and also the paper goods for lunch. My nephew was so proud of this piece of wood that was carved with a fish on it. He was the highest bidder for it. After the meal, taking pictures and the auction they also have a little karaoke time for anyone that wants to sing.

My nephew singing a song. At first he was a little unsure about singing in front of everyone, but when he finished and everyone was clapping he decided that he liked that and would sing a couple more songs.

These two are inseparable. They love each other so much. He is always so excited to see her and doesn't like to see her leave. She sheds some tears when it is time to leave. These two cousins have a special bond and I pray that they will always be close to one another.

There were even some fun glasses to wear. Nana didn't want to miss out on the fun so she put some on.

That evening, those of us who were "camping" had a cookout and made smores. This is always a fun time for us to just sit back and relax and enjoy an extended visit with family.

My mom "Nana".

My sister and her husband.

I had a great time catching up with family that I don't see very often and being able to love on my nephews. My Aunt Christine did a wonderful job planning and getting everything together for this family reunion. I'm looking forward to next years reunion.

Aunt Christine and her grandson Noah.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break

This years Spring Break was a little lot different than any other. We had decided several months ago to take a trip to the mountains during Spring Break. Thinking we would be there to see flowers blooming and some comfortable temps. Little did we know that we would be in somewhat of a winter wonderland during our stay.

So last week we loaded my car on Sunday afternoon after Church and drove to our hotel in north Georgia. My in-laws had our room booked and were already there when we arrived. On Monday morning as we were getting ready to leave the hotel, Kaelyn looks out the window and sees some "white stuff" floating down from the sky. This was the first time she had ever seen snow. Now this wasn't a full on snowing, just a few flurries here and there. As we head out on the road headed to the mountains of Tennessee we continued to see flurries. By the time we made it to Knoxville there were no more flurries but actual snow coming down. When we arrived at our cabin on Monday afternoon there was snow on the ground.
My father-in-law and kids gathering up some firewood.

On Tuesday morning we woke up to a blanket of snow on the ground. It didn't take long for the kids to get some warm clothes on and go out to play explore in all that snow. These Florida kids were so excited. There was enough snow to build some very small snowmen on the hood of my car.

On Wednesday the four of us went into Gatlinburg, (the grandparents stayed at the cabin and then later on found a couple of antique shops to look around in) and rode the sky lift.
We also stopped in Pigeon Forge and the kids rode go-karts at Adventure Raceway.
Thursday morning it was time to pack up and come home. We had a great time and can't wait to take another trip to the mountains.