Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3D Glasses...Who knew.....

A couple of weeks ago we took Tyler and Kaelyn to see the movie The Adventures of Tintin 3D.
 It was a good movie, but  (Chuck and I both agree) not worth the money we paid to see it in 3D. Although the extra money we did spend to see it in 3D was worth all the fun that Kaelyn has had with those glasses since we saw the movie, who knew they could be so much fun. She sure has kept us entertained. She popped the lenses out of the frames and those glasses have become a part of her wardrobe.

Kaelyn was in the kitchen the other night and was pouring something at the sink when she says, "Oh no, I can't see my glasses are fogging up." Then when she was getting ready to do her homework one afternoon, she sat down and then jumped up and said, "I've got to get my glasses, I can't see what I'm doing here." She will put them on in the morning and where them to school, but as soon as we pull up to the school she is taking them off, then when she is back in the car in the afternoons, the glasses go back on. Kaelyn has definitely kept us laughing at all her antics with those glasses.