Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pumpkins, Candy & Festivals

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere. If you know me very well or have been in my house, you know that I just love pumpkins. From pumpkins in my living room, to pumpkin scented hand soap and candles and lets not forget the scent of pumpkin muffins baking, pumpkins are all over my house. These two even made an appearance at our house (for a few days anyway).
These are the only “before” pictures I got . Here they are getting all the “guts” out.
and finally the “after”
Kaelyn decided that her pumpkin needed to be puking. I know “GROSS”!!! Tyler had a different pattern started on his, but a change a plans when the cutting didn’t go quite as planned. That’s okay though we made it work. They had fun scraping all the guts out and planning how the faces would look on their Jack-O-Lanterns. We took them outside (minus the puke from Kaelyn’s) and put a candle inside of them.

On Tuesday night the BCM put on a CANDY LAND event for the BCF students, faculty and staff  and their families at the Heritage Village. They decorated like the Candy Land game.
We took our kids but most of the activities geared for younger children. Kaelyn did stop in at the face painting booth and got a ladybug painted on her face.
For Halloween night we went to the Autumn Fest that was held outside of the Civic Center. There were Churches from the community there giving out hot dogs, sodas, chili,  popcorn and cotton candy. Kaelyn and I had cotton candy while Chuck and Tyler had some popcorn and a cup of chili. They also did Trunk or Treating. There were different games for the kids to play and even had a clown making balloon animals and swords. There were several cute costumes that we saw. One couple that we know had there little boy dressed like a bunch of green grapes. He was so cute, they blew up small green balloons and attached them to his shirt. Then we saw another little boy dressed up as a red dirt devil vacuum cleaner. Wish I could have taken pictures of them. This was such  a neat little event for our community. Afterwards we went to Sonic for the $0.50 corn dogs. Of course you can’t go to Sonic without getting tots and a drink.