Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Cruise

On Monday my mom came over and we took my kiddo's to the movies. After the movie we met my husband for a late lunch. Once we were finished with lunch, mom, Kaelyn, Tyler and I visited the Christian Book Store, one of my mom's favorite places to stop, oh who am I kidding, the rest of us love to stop in there too. We looked around for a little while and finally made our purchases. By this time it was getting to be about 3:15 and there was one more stop that we wanted to make before we went back home. Our destination was Gator's Dockside for the Joy FM Summer Cruise.

Photo from  The Joy FM  website.
We made it to Gator's Dockside and got a table. Since we were some of the first 100 people, we got a t-shirt.
Kaelyn and Tyler waiting in line to get a t-shirt. Tyler thinks I'm crazy for wanting to take pictures all the time.  
Front of t-shirt
Kaelyn got Chris August to autograph her shirt.
While mom and Tyler stayed at our table, Kaelyn and I went and stood in another line so that she could get her shirt signed by Chris August. There were about seven people in front of us when he quit signing shirts, Cd's and having pictures taken with his fans. Not to fear, he was just stopping so that he could give a mini concert for all the folks there.

 While he was singing Kaelyn had her picture taken with Carmen from the morning cruise.

Then the moment she had been waiting for, Chris was finally available to sign her shirt and have a picture taken.
She was all smiles for the rest of the day. Glad I was able to make memories like this one with her.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Accuquilt GO! Baby

For a few months now I have been drooling looking over some quilting blogs. I do believe that the quilting bug has bit me. I have never quilted a day in my life, but would love to learn how. The thing is I am a hands on learner, so I can't have someone tell me how to do something, I have to be right there trying it myself. I know that I will have lots of trial and errors in my quest for quilting, but I am will to go that route. I say all that to say that I happened on Our Busy Little Bunch blog and she is having a giveaway for one of these:
 So of course I had to enter this giveaway. You all know my love for giveaways. There is still time to enter, as she will be choosing a winner on July 1 (That just happens to be mine & Chuck's 16th anniversary that would make a great gift for me). You can win the Accuquilt GO! Baby and 3 dies, just go to her BLOG and enter away.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pick Your Plum

Several weeks ago I came across a fun new site that offers one great deal each day on a fun craft item. This place that I have fell in LOVE  with is Pick Your Plum.  Each deal is posted Monday - Friday at 7 am MST and you will always find it at a great price.  You can find out about their daily deal by signing up for their email newsletter. Once you have signed up they will email you the deal of the day. Then if you see something that you would like to have you just go to their site and place your order. One thing to remember, there is a limited number of items and they do sell out quickly. So if you want it, you better get it before your neighbor does. ( ;  

I recently purchased their fire cracker set. It was a wooden set of fire crackers that I painted and added twine to. 
The paint colors that I used for my fire crackers were Vanilla by JoAnn's, Tompte Red by Delta and Navy Blue by Folk Art. 
I have also placed an order for their Cotton Candy Grossgrain Ribbon. That is 16 yards of grosgrain ribbon at $.28/yard. I can't wait until it gets here.
Photo from Pick Your Plum

You know me, not only do I like a good deal, but I also LOVE a good giveaway, and boy did I find one that I am sure you will want to enter too. Ellie at is having a giveaway for one person to win a $75 crafting supply kit from Pick Your Plum. You will want to hurry on over, because this giveaway ends on June 26th at 10pm MST. 

Pick Your Plum has become my new favorite site. I'm sure you will love it too. Remember, get it before your neighbor does.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


During the summer I like to try and take the kids to the $1 movies that our local theater shows. This morning we ventured out for the movies. We got in line and paid for our tickets and then got our "passports"
Once we were inside, one of the employees informed us that they had a Chick-fil-A table set up where you could spin the wheel for prizes. Kaelyn spun the wheel and got a card for a free dessert. Tyler went next and he got a card for free chicken. We started to walk away and the guy at the table asked me if I wanted to spin the wheel, I thought I mine as well. So I spun the wheel and this is what I won:
That's right a PEZ dispenser with lemon candy. I had to laugh.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yard Sale

For a several weeks now my sister and I had been planning on go to some yard sales on a Saturday morning. So this past Friday night it was decided that she and her boys along with my mom would come and stay the night with me. We got up Saturday morning got everyone fed and dressed (all seven of us, my sister, her two boys, my mom, my two kids and myself)  and then out of the house for a morning of yard sales.

On Friday I searched the paper for yard sales and circled the ones that we wanted to make sure that we went to. Once we got to the ones that were advertised, we were wondering why they even bothered to advertise. They didn't have hardly anything there, and we got there right when they started. But not to fear we did find some good deals and even passed up a few. I could almost kick myself for passing up a few things that I looked at, picked up and decided not to get it. 

For my first purchase, I spent $1 on this little chalkboard. I am going to paint it and then add another coat of chalkboard paint to it so that I can hang it in the kitchen.  

Next I got this container for $3. I still have not decided what I am going to use it for. At first I thought about putting it at my front door to put umbrellas in and then I have thought about using it for flower arrangements. What do you think? Should I leave it the color it is or paint it?

This has got to be my favorite find of the day. I found it at a "moving sale". These people had their sale inside their home. As we approached the front door a man opened the door. I wasn't real sure about going in there but since my sister and my kids were right there with me I was okay with it. Had I been by myself, I wouldn't have even stopped. So back to this little rocker, as the man was showing us around the house and the things that were for sale, a lot of big furniture items at big prices. He said the rocker was for sale $10. Well I really wanted to get this. I don't know why, my kids are too big to sit in it, but I just knew it would look nice in my living room and my nephews could fight over who would sit in it. I also knew that I didn't want to pay $10 for it, so as I was talking to his wife, I asked her if she would take $5 for it, she got this look on her face and said no, but she would take $8 for it. SOLD!  I'm still debating on if I want to leave it like it is or paint it. Most likely it will end up getting painted. 

Okay, so by now I have spent a whopping $12. We made several more stops but I just didn't see anything that I needed to buy. My sister made a couple of good buys by this time too. Hopefully she will blog about her yard sale finds too. (HINT, HINT)

At one of our last stops I bought 5 items for $5. I got Kaelyn two books at $1 each, then found a unopened box set of  3 DVD's (Nim's Island, Flicka and Because of Winn-Dixie) which did not have a price on it. When I asked the lady how much she wanted for it she said she would take $3 for all three. So I got the two books (which were like brand new) and this box set for $3. Then as we were leaving I saw some shirts hanging up. I got Tyler two very nice looking button up shirts for $1 each. They both looked brand new and like they had never been worn. This lady had them washed, and ironed with heavy starch. 

We made a couple of more stops, where Crystal found some really nice grapevine pumpkins to decorate with in the fall. Then we called it a day and went out for lunch. My total amount spent at yard sales for the day was $17.

Later that night as I was sharing with Chuck about our finds at the yard sales, I mentioned to him that I found some things that I would have bought, but had no way of getting it home (a tall dresser for $20). He was so sweet, he told me that the next time I decided to go to some yard sales that he would borrow his dad's trailer and wait at home for me to call him and he would come and pick up the stuff that was to big to fit in the car.
I'm thinking that I need to plan to get to some more yard sales before he changes his mind.  ( ;

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Have you heard about Pinterest?

I was recently invited by my friend Amee to join Pinterest. I had heard about Pinterest and really wanted to join so needless to say I was really surprised a few days later when I opened up my email and there was an invite from Amee to join.
If you have not heard of Pinterest before and are wondering what it is, well basically it is "a place to catalog the things you love." A virtual pinboard and a social network all wrapped into one neat website. There you will be able to "pin" your favorite internet finds on boards that you create. You will also be able to follow other people, comment on their pins, repin their pins and so much more. Let me warn you though, it is addicting. You could say that I am officially addicted to pinning.

A couple of things that I have pinned to some of my boards are these cute mason jar candles    Strawberry Shortcake on a stick.

 While looking I found so many DIY - crafts. So many things that I would love to make, like this beadboard flag and this hair accessory holder just to name a few.