Thursday, June 2, 2011

Have you heard about Pinterest?

I was recently invited by my friend Amee to join Pinterest. I had heard about Pinterest and really wanted to join so needless to say I was really surprised a few days later when I opened up my email and there was an invite from Amee to join.
If you have not heard of Pinterest before and are wondering what it is, well basically it is "a place to catalog the things you love." A virtual pinboard and a social network all wrapped into one neat website. There you will be able to "pin" your favorite internet finds on boards that you create. You will also be able to follow other people, comment on their pins, repin their pins and so much more. Let me warn you though, it is addicting. You could say that I am officially addicted to pinning.

A couple of things that I have pinned to some of my boards are these cute mason jar candles    Strawberry Shortcake on a stick.

 While looking I found so many DIY - crafts. So many things that I would love to make, like this beadboard flag and this hair accessory holder just to name a few.


  1. Haven't heard of this yet. I love those mason jars!!

  2. I promise I'm gonna try it if I can find some time!! Maybe you can sign me up this weekend. ;)

  3. Have not heard of this, but it sounds great! Love the items you've "pinned" already!!

  4. Tania, I'm so glad you are enjoying pinterest! I love it because I can "see" everything instead of saving into my "favorites" & totally forgetting what's in there. I haven't been on there in a couple of weeks, so it's about time for me to head there. :)
    Love the mason jars!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!