Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Cruise

On Monday my mom came over and we took my kiddo's to the movies. After the movie we met my husband for a late lunch. Once we were finished with lunch, mom, Kaelyn, Tyler and I visited the Christian Book Store, one of my mom's favorite places to stop, oh who am I kidding, the rest of us love to stop in there too. We looked around for a little while and finally made our purchases. By this time it was getting to be about 3:15 and there was one more stop that we wanted to make before we went back home. Our destination was Gator's Dockside for the Joy FM Summer Cruise.

Photo from  The Joy FM  website.
We made it to Gator's Dockside and got a table. Since we were some of the first 100 people, we got a t-shirt.
Kaelyn and Tyler waiting in line to get a t-shirt. Tyler thinks I'm crazy for wanting to take pictures all the time.  
Front of t-shirt
Kaelyn got Chris August to autograph her shirt.
While mom and Tyler stayed at our table, Kaelyn and I went and stood in another line so that she could get her shirt signed by Chris August. There were about seven people in front of us when he quit signing shirts, Cd's and having pictures taken with his fans. Not to fear, he was just stopping so that he could give a mini concert for all the folks there.

 While he was singing Kaelyn had her picture taken with Carmen from the morning cruise.

Then the moment she had been waiting for, Chris was finally available to sign her shirt and have a picture taken.
She was all smiles for the rest of the day. Glad I was able to make memories like this one with her.


  1. AAGGHH!!! Yet another reason I need a job that I can be off during the summer!! Would've loved to be meet Carmen & get my t-shirt, and meet Chris August (who looks nothing like I pictured him, by the way...) Anyway, glad yall got to go, and glad Kaelyn got to meet him...I bet he just got a new biggest fan!

  2. I'm getting caught up reading all of my favorite blogs & I'm so glad b/c this just made my night!! I listen to the Joy FM every morning on the way to work! I L.O.V.E. the Joy FM morning cruise!!
    So glad you got to make these special memories with your children!
    Isn't it funny how we make up our own version of how someone looks by hearing their voice? B/c I had Carmen & Chris August pictured different...but I'm sure if someone heard me & then seen me, they'd have me pictured different too! lol I guess that's how it typically is. :)
    Glad y'all had such a good day! Btw, I my Mom, sister & I always make the Christian book store one of our stops too!