Friday, January 8, 2010

Conversations With A Two Year Old . . .

Oh the conversations I have with my nephew Wyatt. I love it when he comes to stay with me, we have the best time. I just like to hear him talk, and boy can he talk. I wanted to share some of our conversations that we have had this week.

Wyatt: An Tanna, you got canles (candles) in your house?
Me: Yes, I have candles in my house.
Wyatt: I have canles in my house too.

I was helping him get his clothes on, and as I was putting his shirt on him he says, "I wearing my cookie shirt". To which I reply, "Yes, you are. I like your cookie shirt." Wyatt then says, "I like my cookie shirt too, I like cookies." I say, "Me too". He says, "We make cookies at your house An Tanna?". I told him that we would make cookies again one day.  Let me just say that his little shirt says it all. He is one "tough cookie".


Wyatt loves to wander around my house and see what he can find. The other day he found the Yahtzee game and wanted the dice that were in there. I gave him the dice and he started stacking them up. Which started another conversation for us:
Wyatt: Look I make a tower.
Me: Ooh, I like that tower you built. You did a great job.
Wyatt: Itsa (it's a) big tower.
Me: It sure is a big tower.
He then knocks his tower over and begins stacking them again.
Wyatt: I makin a small tower now. See itsa small one.
Me: That is a small tower.
Wyatt: I need my truck. (He gets his little, and I mean little dump truck and puts two of the dice in there, then makes the truck dump them out.)

Sorry this isn't a very good picture.

Today when I picked up Tyler and Kaelyn from school and we were on our way back to my house, we saw my dad driving in front of us. I said something about Papa being in front of us and Wyatt said, "I wuv (love)Papa".
Then he starts saying:
Wyatt: Kaeyn (Kaelyn) you wuv me?
Kaelyn: Yes.
Wyatt: An Tanna you wuv me?
Me: Yes, I love you very much.
Wyatt: Tyer (Tyler) you wuv me?
Tyler: Yeah.
Wyatt: Tank you.
How sweet is that. I love my conversations with a two year old, especially a certain one.

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  1. adorable. no other word for it. just plain adorable.