Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One sore Momma

Oh my gosh, I woke up this morning so sore. It hurts so much to move my arms, have no idea how I am going to dry my hair without my arms killing me. Oh well, it was so worth my arms being sore this morning. Okay, lets start at the beginning, a very good place to start. Yesterday my sister came over to the house so that we could work on Waylon's valentine holder for school and to get an idea for what kind of homemade valentines that he could give to his classmates at school. So we used this to cut out lots of hearts.

When we finished with that project, Crystal said that she wanted to play the Wii that the kids got for Christmas. So off to the living room we go and turn this on.

We started out bowling, then we tried our hand at tennis (which neither one of us knew what we were doing, actually we just couldn't get the timing right to hit that ball). We tried boxing, but didn't really like that, so after the first round we called it quits. Next we moved on to baseball, I love me some Wii baseball. While we were playing ball, Crystal's little boy Wyatt (he's 2) stood up at the TV screen yelling at the batter,"Don't swing, take for a walk!" (can you tell that he has watched Chicken Little quite a few times?). Between our skills at baseball and listening to him, we ended up laughing so much that it was hard to play very well. In the end we both did an okay job, the ending score to our game 0 - 0. Yes we did get a few hits, but never made it around all the bases. We decided to pass on the golf.

After playing the Wii Sports we put in the Winter Olympic Games.

We started out with figure skating, and went on and did every Olympic game that was available to us. We spent about three hours playing these games. Although I do believe we laughed more than we actually played. Sorry we didn't take any pictures of us playing. Even if we did, I don't think that I would post them for everyone to see. There are just some things people don't need to see, and one of those is an overweight momma playing the Wii. (;

So being sore today is so worth the time that I spent with my sister yesterday and for the workout that I got. Can't wait to play some more. I have thought about getting this:

Do any of you have this? If so, do you like it and would you reccomend getting one?

To my sister, thanks for all the laughs yesterday!


  1. I have heard awesome things about the Wii Fit....My kids got a Wii for Christmas too, and believe it or not, I have NO IDEA how to operate the thing!!!
    Also, I LOVE MY CRICUT!!!!!

  2. What a fun day!
    we have a Wii, too... and got a Wii fit for Christmas from Devin's mom... Its really neat.. the only thing I dont like about it, is that for so many things you have to hold the remote at teh same time... and I am not very coordinated, so it makes that kind of difficult...but its got a real neat tracker thing that keeps up with how much youve exercised, your goals, your progress, etc...

  3. Oh I sore too!!! But, it was lots of fun and maybe we can squeeze in some more Wii time soon. At least my right arm will be in shape if we keep it up...