Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Last week was Tyler and  Kaelyn's spring break. Our week started out kind of "yucky" Kaelyn was sick for the first part of the week. By Thursday she was feeling better so I took them to the Florida Museum of Natural History where we visited the Butterfly Rainforest. We were surrounded by butterflies and even had a couple land on us. When I would try and take a picture of the kiddo's with a butterfly on them, well let's just say I was not quick enough.

 When we finished walking through the rainforest, we walked through the rest of the museum. Let me just say that not much has changed since I was there five or six years ago. 

On Thursday night we took them to a Gator baseball game against LSU. Unfortunately the Gators lost that night. But we still had fun being together as a family. 

On Friday my mom brought my sisters boys over and we went to lunch with them and took them to the movies to see The Lorax.

I enjoyed the time with my kids and also visiting with my mom and two nephews. Just wish I would have taken pictures of them while they were here.

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  1. I'm glad Kayelyn is feeling better! Your picture collage is beautiful. I love this is a place I need to go visit! I've never been there.
    Happy Friday to you!