Friday, March 30, 2012

Fresh Flowers

Today is the Friday swap and share for the online study of A Life That Says Welcome that I am participating in. This week we are sharing our decorating ideas.

I confess I am not very good at decorating my home. I have family and friends who have the gift of decorating, unfortunately I did not get that gift. However I love to have a vase filled with flowers in my home. To me there is just something about them that says "Welcome".

Here are just a few of the ones that I managed to photo while on display in our home.  I want to share with you about this first picture. These are flowers that my husband and children had picked and surprised me with a few years ago on Mother's day.

I just love having fresh flowers displayed in my home.


  1. Me too, Tania. There is just something about fresh flowers that make me smile!

  2. LOVE the fresh flower touch. It's such a simple way to spruce up a room and make it feel inviting :)

  3. I love fresh flowers....I never buy them, ha-ha-ha, but I love them!!!!