Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!

First off let me say that this is going to be a pretty long post. There is just so much to say today and yes I have posted pictures with it too.
Wow, where do I begin. Not only is today my birthday, I happened to celebrate it on the day that we recognize the Resurrection of our LORD. What an honor that is. My husband did ask me this morning if my birthday had ever fell on Easter before, yes it has but to be honest with you I can't quite recall when the last time it was.
As we were getting ready for Church this morning my family presented me with the sweetest birthday cards. I always look forward to the cards my husband and kids pick out for me. I know that Chuck likes the comical ones, but most of the time he gets the ones that conveys a sweet message to me. I'm sure he won't mind me sharing with you what the message was:"For my wife, I never have been good about telling you "I love you" enough or complimenting you as much as I should...but I hope somehow you know how glad I am to be your husband and that I love you more than anything else in the world." I thought that was one of the sweetest cards that I have ever gotten from him and what a great thing to read first thing in the morning. Now my kids always opt for the funny greeting cards, no matter who they are getting them for. Kaelyn couldn't let me have a card without writing her own heart felt sentiment on the inside. She writes "I love you soooo much and I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I love you!!" She is such a sweet little girl, oh my how much I love her and thank God that I was blessed with her as a daughter. Okay, now on to the card from my fun loving son Tyler. For those of you who know Tyler, you know that he is just a bundle of laughs, (I really mean that, he is always laughing about something. Tyler brings so much joy to our days, Thank you LORD for giving him to us, he is such a great person to be around. I pray that he will continue to seek you in all that he does.) all right on to his card for me. It reads "There are two kinds of Birthday cards! One is crammed full of money - and the other makes you LAUGH!" Then when you open the card there is a picture of a monkey with a party hat on making a funny face with the words "Guess which kind this is?" As I was reading the card, Tyler stood there watching me with this big 'ole smile on his face and as I opened the card up he started laughing so hard that he had tears in his eyes. That's my Tyler :) Thanks to my husband and kids for a great day.
After church service this morning we gathered at my Mom & Dad's house for our traditional Easter dinner and also to celebrate my birthday. My sister baked and decorated a cake for me. It tasted so good!

The cake my sister made for me.

My family is such a giving family. My parents gave me some new "jammies", can't wait to get it washed and wear it. Then my sister gave me a Yankee Candle, rain washed scent. Oh my, it smells so good.

Crystal also gave me a gift that I will have to wait until June to get it. She bought tickets for her and I to go see Chonda Pierce. I am looking forward to that. Crystal apparently called Chuck to make sure we didn't have anything going on for that specific date and then ordered the tickets. That husband of mine can keep a secret for sure. I never knew anything about it until I opened my gifts today. Thank you sooo very much Crystal, I am so excited about our upcoming girls night out to see Chonda.

You know we have some pretty special people in our Church. They are continually praying for our family as we travel down the ministry road. They are always giving us words of encouragement. Today I was blessed by several ladies in our church. Mrs. Marie baked me a tray full of cookies and also added some candy to the tray. Then Mrs. Judy gave me a cute little purse with a very sweet and encouraging card. There was also a little notepad and pen in the purse. You know I think that these ladies are precious, even if there had been no gifts they would still have a special place in my heart!

Philippians 4:13

What a great day! Thank you all for helping me celebrate my birthday.

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  1. Happy late birthday! Sounds like you had a great one. What a sweet card from your honey and the kids....they are hilarious! I'm wondering who this Chondra chick is? Y'all have to fill me in. I'm loving "This ain't Prettyville"...