Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Camp

I have been given the opportunity to go to summer camp as a chaperone for the girls of our youth group at Church. We leave tomorrow morning. I am excited about going, but am also a little sad to be leaving my daughter behind. Kaelyn has assured me that she will be just fine and is going to have fun while her Dad, brother and I are away at camp. She did throw in there for good measure, "I will miss you, but I want you to go have fun." Wow, how much our children pick up on from us. Guess she could tell that I needed to go "hang with the girls" and have a good time, while hearing the Word of God.

My prayer while we are at camp, is that each person will leave there with a heart wanting to know more about Jesus and wanting to go and share with others. I pray that this will be a time for our youth group to grow closer together and learn more about each other too. I will appreciate that prayers that will be lifted up while we are gone.

Will post about our summer camp when I get home. Hopefully will have some pictures to go along with that post.

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  1. Hope camp is going good, Tania!
    'Do Art' is in the Thornbrook Village shopping center on 43rd in Gainesville. You really need to take your kids over there sometime! It's super fun, and kids their age would enjoy it, I think... :) You can pick out all kinds of different things to paint-- vases, mugs, tiles, animals, etc... they've got lots of stuff...Wednesdays are a good day to go beacuse the 'studio fee' is half price. (Its $3.00 on Wed. & that includes all the paint you use)...You just pay that, and then the price of the piece you pick out. The plates that I did were $8.00. They have stuff hanging on the walls to give you ideas and lots of books to look at, too. We're going to make lots of our Christmas gifts there this year-- you'd be surprised how many animals/creatures you can make out of fingerprints! SO CUTE!!! And the hairbows and flip flops are super easy to do... anytime you want to make some, I'd love to help ya! :)