Thursday, August 12, 2010

My last day . . .

Four years ago I started keeping this little guy.


Then a year later this little guy came along.

Wyatt 2wks 2007

I started keeping Waylon when his mom (my sister) went back to work when he was just about three months old.  After Crystal had Wyatt I started keeping both of them when she returned back to work.

Last August, Waylon started Pre-K so that left me and Wyatt to  days with just the two of us. We would take Waylon to school and then we would pick him up after school. Then when school was out of session for summer break I was back to keeping both of  “my boys”. This summer we stayed at home and played, and played and played some more. We had our routine, I would be at there house at 6:30 on the mornings that I kept them. We would leave their house around 7:45, heading back to my house where we would have breakfast and play. Then we would clean our toys up and start getting lunch ready. After lunch it was one of my favorite times of the day, NAP TIME! Oh, yeah those two can sure make you tired. After nap we would have a snack and play some more, then Nana would come by and pick the boys up and take them home to see their sweet Momma.

I say all that to say that yesterday was my last day keeping them. Wyatt will be following Waylon to school next week. So my days of keeping them are now over. It was a bittersweet day. I decided that since it was their last day with me that I would take them to get some lunch, (instead of fixing something at home) so we headed to McDonalds. Wyatt wanted to know if we were going to get a “Happy Meal” and I told him we would. Waylon then proceeded to tell me, “No, we are getting SAD, SAD meals”.

RSCN2101 Wyatt and his “Happy Meal”

RSCN2102Waylon and his “SAD, SAD Meal”

Waylon was sad that he didn’t have his fries yet. (Just a side note, we were parked in the parking lot and Waylon had pushed the buckle for his safety belt down. We did not ride with it like that.) Not to fear when he got his fries he was happy again.

DSCN2085DSCN2093I have had a great time keeping these two. Sure I will miss my days with them, but I will still see them all the time. I do believe that I am ready to just be an Aunt to them and not a caregiver. I know that they are both going to have a great time at school this year. Thanks to my sweet sister for giving me the opportunity of spending so much time with Waylon and Wyatt.   


  1. God love his "sad, sad" face!

    How precious that you were able to keep them for your sister! They look like sweet boys and being an aunt is a very special thing to be! :D

  2. They are adorable!!!
    .. visiting from inCourage...

    ~ ~

  3. Sorry if this posts twice...I'm so glad the boys were blessed with a Godly aunt to take care of them before they went to school!

  4. What an awesome blessing you are to Crystal, Tania. Girl, I don't know what she would have done without you and knowing she didn't have to worry about leaving her babies with just any ol body. I love that you feel like they are part yours and that they had the chance to really get to know Aunt Tania. Who knows, maybe we can talk Crystal into another baby one of these days ;)

    Also, loving the SAD, SAD face!!!