Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time with the boys….

A week ago my nephews and my mom (my sister had an out of town wedding she was in) came over to spend the night with us and have a Saturday with us. I love it when these guys come over. I really like to listen to what all they say. Boy do they say some stuff at the ages of 3 and 4. I wrote down several of the things that Waylon (he is 4) said that day.

Waylon was coloring a picture and telling me some very imaginative story. So I say to him, “Waylon you have a very, very, good imagination.” his reply to me was, “Yeah, I do.”

He then says to Kaelyn, “You’ve been good all morning, so don’t mess it up.”

We were getting ready to leave the house and it was starting to thunder. I had already said we needed to hurry up and get everyone in the car before it started raining. So as we are trying to get out of the house Waylon says, “We gotta get outta here, it’s a murder scene!” (this is what it sounded like he was saying but actually he said mergency) Translation: emergency.

Part of our day consisted of trying to find a dress for Kaelyn (which we were not successful at). While we were in one of the stores and not having any luck I said I was just ready to leave and I would try to find something later. Again Waylon pipes up and says, “Let’s go, let’s get out of this mess.”

I just love that boy {and of course his brother too}!

Before we went back to my house we made a quick stop at KMART and got a really good deal on bikes for the boys. Can you believe that they were $28 each. We got two bikes for less than the price of one regular priced bike.



They will be coming back over again for another “sleepover” in a few weeks. Looking forward to spending that time with them.

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