Thursday, October 20, 2011

Down on the Farm

On Monday I went with my nephew Wyatt and his mom on a field trip to Roger's Farm. I love it when they ask me to "tag" along on their field trips. I really enjoyed this one, it was so much fun to watch Wyatt trying all the different things out. One of the first things he did was go to the "horse race" but sadly their wasn't anyone else interested in racing on one of these horses with him.

He was then off and over to this very large homemade slide. That slide looked like so much fun, I passed on trying it out, seeing as how when you came down it was very slick and I didn't want to go flying off the end for every one's entertainment. Now my sister was the brave one, and went sliding down that slide with Wyatt.

There was this cute little "cow train" that the kids could ride in. At first Wyatt told us he didn't want to ride on it, which really surprised us. What little boy wouldn't want to ride on a cow train? I think he just wanted to keep going right on down that slide. Finally he decided that he would go for a ride on the cow train, it was funny to watch him because at times he looked so bored and had a look on his face like he couldn't wait to get off.

I think one of Wyatt's favorite things of the day was shooting half an ear of corn out of the corn cannon. The object was to shoot the corn and try to hit a big bale of hay or get the corn through the scarecrows arms. It was funny to watch him shoot the corn, he would not even aim the cannon he just pushed the button and the corn would go flying up in the air and out way past the hay and scarecrow. I think he was going for distance not hitting the target.

Next it was on over to the pony ride. I think this came in close to the corn cannon as being a favorite for the day. He rode the ponies about six times and was so proud when he was able to ride without any one walking next to him. You would have thought he had been riding ponies/horses his whole life.

We slowed down for a little while, just to get a quick bite of lunch. After eating lunch it was time to go feed the goats and ponies. Those animals sure did like eating the corn out of Wyatt's hand, and I think he enjoyed feeding them.

He had lots of fun roping a steer. Take a look at his face, he was working hard getting that steer roped just right.

We finished out our day at Roger's Farm with a hayride and all the kids getting to pick out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. He didn't want an orange pumpkin, so he picked up a really cute striped on with "just a little bit of orange" as he said on it.


I had a great day with this handsome little guy and his momma. Thanks Wyatt for asking Aunt Tania to go with you.

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  1. Love the post and photos. It was a really nice day. Hard to believe that we were sweating to death on Monday and freezing on Friday.