Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our first rag quilt

 I have been wanting to make a rag quilt for about a year now. So about three weeks ago I finally took the plunge and gathered up everything I would need to make one. I finally finished it this past Wednesday. I didn't work on it everyday, just when I had time to sit down at the old sewing machine (she is 16 years old, my husband gave her to me for our first Christmas). I decided that this quilt would be for Kaelyn and she picked out some floral  material that my Mom had in her fabric stash.
Kaelyn wanted to have lots of pink in her quilt, so I went to the fabric store and purchased the pink material to go with it and also some pink for the back of the quilt.

I started out with cutting a "pile" of 5 inch squares out of all the material that I was using. Then I cut out 4 inch squares of the quilt batting. After getting all the squares cut and then stacked, I started sewing my squares together. I put the batting between the top and bottom piece of material and sewed an X on each square. Then it was time to start sewing the squares together. I sewed a row of 9 squares together then after I had all my squares sewn into a row I started putting the rows together. Then came the fun part of sitting down and trimming the seems. Finally our finished rag quilt.
While it is not perfect (rag quilts are so forgiving ☺) it was made with plenty of love. To see the tutorial that I used to make a rag quilt you can go here


  1. Oh I LOVE it!!! I'm so impressed! I would love to make one but I do not own a sewing machine...but my Mom & MIL do. ;)
    I'll check out the tutorial too!
    Thank you for sharing..if you get time will you post an up close pic of it?
    Also what a keepsake for your daughter!!!! :)

  2. WOW! I love it! It is so cute, I would love to make one. May have ot be my next project!! Oh these blogs sometimes get me in trouble, I see all these cute ideas! I just want to make it all!! Great JOb!

  3. Thank you for your sweet comments about my collages. :) It always makes my day when I see someone has left me a comment. :)

  4. Pat yourself on the back girl!!! Your quilt is beautiful. I love that it is something K. can pass on to her children :)

  5. I ABSOLUTELY LOOOVVEEE it !!! it's beautiful!!!!