Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Wow, what an adventure this move has been. We were greeted with 100 degree heat and no power at our little (and I mean little) home. Let me back up and start with the morning of our move. Our plan was to have the moving truck completely loaded and to be leaving our rental house in Gainesville at 8:00 Saturday morning. Tyler had not been feeling well (I think it was partly due to being nervous about moving and also seeing the stress that his dad and I were feeling.) and was slow moving so it took him and Chuck a little longer to get the truck loaded.
Kaelyn taking a break
Needless to say, we didn't leave at 8:00 it was close to 1:00 when we finally pulled out of our neighborhood.

When we got to our little house (living in married housing on campus) we were met with 100 degree heat and no power (long story on that and to be quite honest just don't want to go there). My cousin Rebecca's husband Shawn had a couple of guys who also live in married housing there to help unload the moving truck.
The front of our house and yes I cried when I saw it.

After seeing the front of the house, this little gift basket bowl from Rebecca and her family was a welcome site. It was full of goodies.

All of the furniture was unloaded on Saturday along with some of the boxes. It was so hot and we were all tired. We locked up the house and went to Shawn and Rebecca's (which is just a couple of houses down from ours) where we had sub sandwiches for dinner that they had bought for us from Subway.

Fast forward to Monday, we finally have power in the house and the a/c was cooling really good. After much cleaning (the house was filthy and just plain old disgusting) we finally got things clean to where we could start putting stuff away. Here are some pictures of what awaited us upon arrival.
A dead bug and a shoe print in the bathtub. Bless my husbands heart he got in there and scrubbed that bathroom down. Also in the tub was what I thought to be spilled paint, after Chuck started cleaning in he said it wasn't paint. Apparently the enamel on the tub was chipped and who ever was fixing it didn't know what they were doing.

We noticed that every time the toilet was flushed we had to plunge it. The maintenance man was sent over and he worked on it then said he couldn't find anything wrong with it. Well after he left it still kept happening. So on Tuesday morning he was there to put a kitchen drawer back in (he took it back to the shop on Monday since when you opened it, it would fall out) we told him the toilet still was not working right. So he goes in the bathroom and after messing with it for about two hours he leaves and this is what we find.
He had to pull the toilet out. Turns out that something was stuck in it and he couldn't get it out, so he had to go and get a new toilet for us. When he left, Chuck went back in there and scrubbed the bathroom clean again. Gotta love a man that helps out by cleaning. ( ;

After being in the house for a few days the shock had worn off a little. We were able to make it more like home to us. We got boxes unpacked and hung some pictures up on the wall.  You're really not supposed to hang pictures on the walls because the holes could expose the asbestos in the walls. The maintenance man said we would "probably be okay".

 The maintenance man did come and clean all the "yuck" out from under the lifted up part of the kitchen counter, still could use some repairs.

Broken blinds throughout the house, we had to replace them. I was just shocked that all of this wasn't taken care of before we moved in. I was not in the best of moods during our first couple of days here, don't really think any of us were.

It's been a a little over two weeks since we moved to Graceville...and boy what a week that first one was! After starting off with no power in our house for 2 days, which is a rough way to start. Things have gotten better, our house is becoming a home and we are all adjusting well in our new "adventure". God is good!

"For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you." Isaiah 41:13 NIV

I will have another post up soon with pictures of our "little house" after the clean up. ( ;


  1. Bless your heart!!! I'll be honest I would have cried too. We are just to clean things, which is a wonderful thing but can be a shock to our systems to say the least. The no air thing..I would have really cried!!!
    This kind of thing happened to us in 2005..we left a wonderful house Chuckie grew up in and moved to rental forestry house (right down the road from THS headed to Bell) and it was a total shock to what I was use too. It took time and paint etc but there are still things I don't like about it. Sometimes you can clean and clean but things still don't look the way I want them. I've decided this is preparing me something better and when that happens in God's time, I'll be extra thankful. But it is hard!!!
    I hope you are able to fix it up the way you want to and make it home for y'all. :)
    ((hugs)) to you!!! I hope your kids are adjusting well. I'm sure it's hard on them too!

  2. I wanted to just cry reading your post. What a rough start you all had. I'm sure one day you will be able to look back on this adventure and laugh...but for now just remember that God does have a plan and blessing are sure to come your way. Praying for you all.