Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm going on a date

My "honey"
Remember growing up and you had a date with that "someone special" and how you would want to share about who your date was and where you would be going, you get the picture? Well even after your married that still happens. Don't fret, the "someone special" is my husband. Chuck and I try to have a "date night" as often as we can, with two children and busy schedules it sometimes makes it unheard of. Seeing as we have not been out without our kids in a long (I mean long, long) time, we figured it was about time we went out again. So Tyler & Kaelyn will be going to stay with their Nana while we are out.

Let me just tell you about my Honey. He is the most amazing guy a gal could ever want. He is a wonderful husband, not to mention an awesome dad. Chuck began feeling the call from God to go into ministry (He was working with J.B. Hunt Transport) he started teaching a young couples Sunday School class and getting involved in the youth ministry at our Church (Fanning Springs Community Church). Anyway as time went on, the call to full time ministry became stronger and more clear. In February of 2005 Chuck resigned from Hunt and went into full time ministry. Our Church had grown and needed to add another pastor to the staff. The Church stepped out in faith and put Chuck on as Associate/Youth Pastor. He was ordained in April of 2005 and has been on staff ever since. Chuck has a passion for telling people about God. He really loves the people of our community and what God is doing in our lives and in the lives of the people he has the privilege of serving. Recently we checked into going to seminary, but feel that's not want God wants us to do at this time...maybe later.

So you see why I think my husband is a pretty special kind of guy.

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  1. And while you're on your date, I will be with Nana and all grandkids at the grocery store...I hope you have much more fun than we do. (Although I'm sure our trip will be a blast, so you better put your fun shoes on!!)