Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dinner with Missionaries

Tyler, Kaelyn, Brenda, Preston, Chuck & Tania

Last Monday evening, our family had the opportunity to have Preston and Brenda West and Pablo Garcia over for dinner. Preston and Brenda are with the IMB (International Mission Board) serving in Nicaragua. They plant churches in areas where there is little or no Gospel access. Pablo is a native of Nicaragua. He is a Church Planter for the Centro Misionero Bautista (C.M.B.) Rio Blanco. His focus is to the Mestizo people group in Nicaragua. The C.M.B. is an extension of the Bethel Baptist Church in Managua, a member of the Nicaraguan Baptist Convention. He works with groups in evangelism house to house and in mass or special events.
Kaelyn, Tyler, Pablo, Chuck & Tania

It was an honor for our family to have them visit in our home. Preston was able to help Pablo get a Visa to come to the United States. Pablo was here for several weeks, going to different Churches and sharing what God is doing in his home country of Nicaragua. Preston and Brenda are here in the US until October, when they will return back to Nicaragua to continue to serve as foreign missionaries.

Chuck and I went to Nicaragua in February 2008 on a mission trip with several others from our Church. We were able to work with Pablo while in Rio Blanco. So needless to say it was a real treat for us to have him come visit here. He has a precious family, his wife Claudia and two sons, Pablito and Daniel. We look forward to going back to Nicaragua next year. Our children, Tyler & Kaelyn will be joining us on this trip. They are both excited about going on their first mission trip.

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  1. It is so great that y'all are going a mission trip together as a family. I know that will be such a special experience for you as the momma, for Chuck as y'all's spiritual leader and for the kids. Amazing!

    Adam went on a mission trip to Honduras two years ago and it changed his life. I hoped to go back with him before we had Allie but it just didn't work out, but hopefully one day!