Friday, July 17, 2009

A Day with the Girls

Several weeks ago as we were coming back from summer camp, we drove through High Springs. As we were passing through, the girls in our youth group said they would like to go back and check out some of the little shops there. I told them that I would like to do that, and so we mad the plans to go back to High Springs. We met this morning, and in my moms van we traveled to High Springs to have a girls day. Let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with them. We walked around and browsed through some of the quaint little shops there. After a while we were starting to feel a little hungry, so we went into the Great Outdoors Restaurant. The food was great, they were a little pricey, but all in all it was a good lunch. These girls sure do know how to have a good time. I was able to get to know them better and even had the opportunity to have them open up to me about different things. Am I looking to be "best friends" with them? No, I want them to feel comfortable enough with me to be able to open up to me and feel like they have someone to talk to who can be there to listen and if need be give council according to the word of God. I feel like I have truly made a connection with these girls and look forward to spending more time with them and having some more of these "Girls Day Out" together. I thank God for blessing our little Church with these young ladies.

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