Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary

July 1, 1995
July 1, marked mine & Chuck's 14th anniversary. I would have to say that this had to be one of the most memorable anniversaries that we have had. Our anniversary happened to be the same time that we were at summer camp with the youth of our Church. On Wednesday, (July 1) our day started out with meeting at the cafeteria on the campus of Gardner-Webb University at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast. After going through the line we found a table to sit at, it was then that Chuck gave me a sheet of notebook paper folded in half, with the words "I Love You!" and a flower drawn on the front. When I opened it up, I saw that he had written the sweetest message to me. After breakfast we headed back to our dorms to get ready for the morning worship service. After the worship service and our workshops it was time for lunch. We got a lot of Happy Anniversary wishes from our youth and several of the camp staff. We had signed up for swing dance lessons at 1:00, so we met in the Ritch Banquet Hall to learn how to swing dance. There were quite a few people in there to learn with us. We had three of the girls from our youth group join us (Jesse, Sunny and Jamie). We each had a partner(Chuck and I of course), then after learning some basic steps, the unthinkable happened, you guessed it we had to rotate partners. I was so disappointed, I wanted to learn to dance with my husband, instead I ended up dancing with several middle school boys (who informed me that I was doing it wrong, :( like they even knew how to dance!) I did get to dance with one of the staff members (Greg), he was the dorm point person for Chuck's dorm. Anyway, Greg knew what he was doing and was able to help me out. So when time was up for the dance instruction, I went back across the room to my husband. We were able to hang around and dance together along with others that hung back to continue to dance. After the dancing, Chuck and Tyler had some activities that they wanted to do, so I went and hung out with the girls. I started getting ready for dinner, (our time to be in the cafeteria for dinner was 5:00p.m.) my cell phone rings at 4:15 and it is Chuck, he asks me, "Do you want to go out to eat for our anniversary?" I wanted to scream YES!, but didn't. I did tell yes I would like to go. He took me to Georgios, a Mediterranean Italian Cuisine, which was just across the street from the campus. I got the Baked Ziti, which was very good and Chuck ordered the Veal Ala Georgios. It was so nice to have a quiet meal for just the two of us. When we were finished, we headed back over to the campus for our Youth Worker Workshop at 6:00. After the workshop we went over to the LYCC where the evening worship takes place. As we start to walk through the doors all the staff members made a human tunnel (which they had done all week), and yell out "Happy Anniversary!" , let me just say that I was shocked. I looked at Chuck and asked him, "Did you know they were going to do that?", his response to me was "No". I was so surprised by everything on this day.
So not only did my husband give me a card (that he made himself), and take me out to eat for dinner, I also got swing dance lessons and was able to dance with my "honey".
Thank you Chuck for making our 14th Anniversary a special one while away from home. I Love You!

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