Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pure Randomness (is that a word??)

I can’t believe that it has been just over two weeks since I have posted anything on here.  So what has been going on at our house? Well since my last post, Kaelyn had a birthday, I went to the Optometrist (verdict there, I need glasses), Chuck and I attended the NANC (Biblical counseling training) in Jacksonville, just to name a few.

I still have a hard time with my “baby girl” growing up so fast. How in the world did she go from this baby:

Kaelyn 1999 001to this 11 year old girl.

DSCN2405 - Copy

We didn’t have a “big birthday party” for her. She had two of her friends over and we took them skating then we came back home and had a “cupcake party”. I had baked cupcakes ahead of time then made some butter cream frosting and each one of them decorated their own cupcakes. So very simple and yet so fun for them.

DSCN2364The girls at the skating rink.

DSCN2367Decorating cupcakes.

DSCN2377My nephew Wyatt decorating his cupcake.

DSCN2380 - CopyMy nephew Waylon with his finished cupcake.

  So as for me and glasses, because of my allergies and only needing a light prescription we decided that I would just have glasses and skip on the contacts. I have not gotten the glasses yet, I am “shopping” around for them. I want to find some that I like how they look on me and also the best price for them. 

This past Friday, Chuck and I traveled to Jacksonville for training in Biblical counseling. We were in classes Friday evening and then again all day Saturday. There is so much information to take in and then trying to remember everything. So thankful that notebooks and notes were provided for us. Chuck is going to pursue the certification process of becoming a NANC counselor. I on the other hand, will most likely be a support person for him, and counsel as needed. Eventually I may seek certification for myself.

I leave in the morning with my sister for a much needed “SISTERS ROADTRIP”.  Thanks to my sister for taking me with her and to my husband for the time away. I know Chuck and the kiddo’s will have a good time while I am away. Will hopefully have some nice pictures to share when we get back.

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  1. Kaelyn is such a pretty girl! I can't believe she is 11!! Wow. Time is flying. Speaking of flying--y'all have a great trip to Savannah!