Wednesday, January 26, 2011

“Be Mine…”

I’ll never forget the homemade cards that my children made for me when they were younger. Those cards hold a very special place in my heart because they came from their heart. The lopsided hearts, the “Be Mine”, “I love you” and all the other sweet sentiments that they each wrote out in their wobbly handwriting and of course a few misspelled words.

I don’t have to tell you that we have just a few short weeks until Valentines Day is here. So when people start talking about this special day of love, what do you think of? I think about family and friends and letting them know how much I love them. There are many different ways to convey your love to someone, flowers, candy, and cards just to name a few. One of my favorite ways to say “I love you” to family and friends is to send them a card. 

Shutterfly has  some really cute Valentine cards that you can personalize to send out to the ones that you love.  I have looked at them and found some that I think are so cute.

STATIONERYCARD_A2-24022-1385-MERCHLARGE_FRONT-v126084450600097145 Whoo Loves You

STATIONERYCARD_A2-24022-1344-MERCHLARGE_FRONT-v126084451800083792 Sweet Thoughts


STATIONERYCARD_A2-24022-1345-MERCHLARGE_FRONT-v126084452100076528 Loads of Love

Not only do they have cute cards to send out, Shutterfly also has a line of cute photo and personalized photo gifts. One thing that caught my eye were the calling cards. These would be perfect to hand out to new friends (or even old friends). Of course I can’t tell you about them without showing you one of the ones that I liked the best.

CALLINGCARD-22015-193-MERCHLARGE_FRONT-v125210375800039173 Flutter By

Don’t forget about those thank you cards you may need to send out to the ones who get you all the cute little Valentine gifts to show their love to you.

You can tell  Shutterfly  what Valentine’s Day means to you, to get 25 free cards.

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  1. went over and found the calling cards! I love them, thinking of ordering some don't know for what yet but I want them :)