Saturday, August 6, 2011

Swimming Fun & Other Stuff.

For the last couple of years, my Aunt has been house/pet sitting some during the summer for a former co-worker that she is friends with. Each year this friend has told my Aunt that she was more than welcome to invite us over to swim in her pool and just hang out at her house while my Aunt has been there. So this weekend my Aunt  was house/pet sitting and invited us to come over and swim today.

My son Tyler with my nephews Waylon & Wyatt
Love this little guy!
Wyatt swimming to the side of the pool after jumping off the diving board.
Waylon enjoying floating in the pool.
My daughter Kaelyn getting ready to try her hand at juggling some water balls.
Wyatt jumping in.
Waylon getting ready to jump in.
It started thundering so we had to get out of the pool, then it came a down pour for about half an hour. So we went inside and Waylon wanted to take a picture with my camera.
Being the nice aunt that I am, I let him carry my camera around the house and take some pictures. Here are some of the ones he took. Remember these were taken at an eye level of a newly five year old.
The dining area

A sliding door

Looking out at the pool area
The front door
Home decor with flowers
His brother taking a picture of himself with my sons phone.
My daughter.
I had fun today with these guys. Enjoyed time in the pool with my kids, my sister & her two boys and my mom. My Aunt didn't get in the pool with us today )-: but we still had lots of fun. Thanks for inviting us over for the day.


  1. Too funny! You are such a sweet Aunt!

  2. Fun times, for sure!! I love hanging out at the "summer house!"

  3. Looks like fun to me--except the rain part. : (