Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Like the title says, this is a post with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Today marked the beginning of the third week of school for my kids. Tyler started high school and Kaelyn is in middle school. This momma is getting old. ( ;  Their first two weeks of school went really well. They both like their teachers and seem to have settled into a routine once again. Tyler had his first football game last Friday night. He didn't get much playing time on the field but he did get out there for a few plays. While they did not win their game, He had a great time playing. He has another game this week and hopefully it will turn out better than their last game.

During Tyler and Kaelyn's first week of school I went over to my friend Robbin's house and  made jelly (scuppernog, concord and mixed) and pear butter with her and our friend Carol. I had some really neat pictures that I wanted to share on here, but I deleted them off my camera after loading them on to my computer (which I normally never do) and then I ended up losing everything that was on my computer. Anyway back to my day of making jelly. When I got to Robbin's house her husband had already been out to the grape vines and picked a bunch of grapes for us to use in our jelly making process. We soon realized that we were going to need some more grapes, so I set out for the vines along with my camera and a bowl to put the grapes in. While I was picking grapes Robbin was getting a five gallon bucket to take up to the house that was full and I mean full of pears. Once back in the house, we got the grapes on to cook and then started peeling pears and slicing them up for easier cooking. When Carol got there she had her concord grape juice (she had them from last summer and cooked them and took the juice to make jelly with and froze it) ready to put on the stove top to start the jelly making process. She also brought us some fried chicken for lunch. Here is a look at the jellies and pear butter after getting them in their jars.
Concord Grape, Scuppernog, Mixed and the Pear Butter.
And finally, my husband and I had the opportunity to go to the Gator game this past Saturday. A guy he works with has season tickets and wasn't going to be in town to go to the game, so he asked Chuck if we wanted them. So we went to the game. Had a great time watching the game there with my husband.
Our tickets.



  1. You've been a busy girl!! I can't wait for Tyler's next home game!

  2. Glad you had a good time at the Gator game! Those are of course, our favorites! Your kids look like they have grown up over night! OH MY!