Monday, February 16, 2009

A Heart for Ministry

Mrs. Robbin, Kaelyn, Shelbi & Emily
For several weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, Kaelyn has talked about baking with my friend Robbin and making a list of people she wanted to deliver the baked goods to. This has been a tradition with her and Mrs. Robbin, which started several years ago. The first year it was just Kaelyn and Mrs. Robbin, then the following year Emily joined them. This year Shelbi joined in with them to decorate and deliver the baked goods. They don't deliver to just anyone. The girls think really hard about who they want to visit, then the list making gets under way. They take the cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc. to people that are unable to get out of their homes very often and also to some of the "older folks" from our church. Along with the baked goodies they also made Valentine Cards out of construction paper. I was looking at some of the cards that they made and there was one that caught my attention (sorry I didn't get a picture of it). When you opened up the card on the right hand side a hole punch had been used to make a heart. Then on the left hand side were the words "You are loved a hole punch."

Decorating Cupcakes

This tradition of delivering Valentine "Goodies" is a good way to teach our young girls one of the many ways of ministry. The girls really enjoy baking and decorating, however I think the part they like the most is deciding who to deliver to and going to see those people.


  1. That's so sweet and I'm loving the "hole punch" card idea!! That's too funny...wonder who came up with that? You are raising a great little girl...even with her attitudy self, she has such a sweet heart!

  2. What a great idea. That is wonderful that Kaelyn loves to do things like that. Wonder where she gets her socialization bug from?