Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One Proud Momma

Tyler and his first deer, an impressive 10 point.

Let me just tell you how proud I am of my boy. Back on November 10th Tyler went hunting with his Dad at some friends of ours place. They were up and in a treestand before the light of day. I had an appointment in Perry that day and was going to do some shopping afterwards. Anyway, Crystal and I loaded up the rest of the kids (Kaelyn, Waylon and Wyatt) and off to Perry we went. As we were headed out the hunters were headed in. We stopped to see if they had any luck in their early morning adventure, needless to say the answer was NO, Tyler had missed a 4 point. They did go back out that afternoon and got back up in the treestand to see if their luck might change. Crystal and I had just gotten home and was in the process of unloading our purchases when my cell phone started to ring. I answer the call to hear my son Tyler in a calm but somewhat excited voice say "Mom, I got a 10 point." Not sure if I heard him right I asked him to please tell me again what he had just said. Again he tells me that he got a 10 point, still not sure if he is telling me the truth or just joking around I ask him to let me talk to his Dad. Chuck comes on the phone and says, "Tyler just shot a 10 point." I say, "Your kidding me.", "No, I am not kidding." By this time Crystal has heard my end of the conversation and knows that Tyler has shot a deer. I get off the phone to tell her about his first deer that he just shot. We get back in the car and head over to Mr. Dan and Mrs. Robbins house to see this "trophy deer" that Tyler got.

Tyler with his Dad

Crystal and Jesse sent a picture of Tyler with his deer in to the Woods and Water magazine. Crystal called me on Monday to tell me that Tyler's picture was in the February issue of Woods and Water. If you get a Woods and Water his picture is on page 63. So we have bought one and will save it for Tyler to be able to show his children when he is a father.

Not only am I one proud Momma, but Chuck is one proud Dad.

Tyler with his prized deer and cousin Waylon.

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  1. Loved reading about Tyler's deer. Stuart and I are so jealous!!!!! It couldn't have happended to a better young man. Can't wait to see you guys soon. Love to you all.