Thursday, February 12, 2009

Go-Karting, Skating, Golfing & Climbing.

Tyler & Kaelyn recently went on a field trip to Skate Station with their school. I'm really not sure if there was more excitement the day of the trip or the days leading up to it. They had no problem getting up out of bed that morning and getting ready to go to school (imagine that). I do believe they were both ready to walk out of the house 30 minutes before we had to leave. On the day of the field trip it was sooo cold outside (I don't think it got above 40 degrees that day). Tyler braved the cold weather and rode the Go-Karts. He was prepared, (well sort of) he had his jacket on and a hat for his head, didn't think about needing gloves. When he finished going around the track he told me, "Mom, I can't feel my hands their numb." Wow, I sure felt like the bad mom for not thinking about his hands getting cold.

Wonder if he has a future in racing?
While Tyler was out on the track, Kaelyn was inside skating. Now Kaelyn hasn't had a lot of skating experience but she was determined that she was going to skate and not give up. She did fall quite a lot (I kept looking at the knees of her jeans and praying I wouldn't have to patch them when we got home or even have to go buy new ones!).

Still standing up
After Tyler and I warmed up from being outside, what do we do. That's right we go back out into the cold. This time we took Kaelyn and her friend Emily along with Kathy (Emily's mom) with us. They were ready to play miniature golf. Emily and Kaelyn both got a hole in one, but that didn't stop Tyler from winning the game.

Tyler our golfing champion!

Kaelyn our 2nd place golfer!

Last but not least, Emily!

When we got back inside, Kaelyn decided that she was ready to do some rock climbing. Let me just tell you, she went over there and got harnessed up and started climbing. To watch her you would have thought she was climbing some big mountain. She absolutely loved it. That girl was determined to make it to the top and to the top she went. Tyler said that if Kaelyn wants to do something you better believe she is going to do it.

Starting out

Almost there

She finally made it!
Tyler and Kaelyn had so much fun. They are ready to do it again.


  1. I'm glad you guys had fun, Tyler looks like he has his tough guy face on in that go-kart picture!!

  2. Man where were those kind of field trips when we were in shool? Looks like they had a blast!! Tell everyone I said hello and I love them.

  3. Kaelyn reminds me so much of y'all see it, or is it just me?!

  4. Kaelyn does remind us so much of Crystal. Seems as if we have so many people telling us that. Believe it or not I have actually had people tell me that she should be Crystal's daughter because she looks and acts so much like her rather than me.