Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

As I sit here this morning thinking about all the men and women who have served our country in the armed forces, I feel a sense of  sadness and thankfulness all in one. Sadness for those who sacrificed their lives for this country and the people in it, and for the families they left behind. Thankfulness for all our past, present and future soliders, sailors, airmen etc.

I'm sure that we can all say that we know at least one person who has served our country through the military. Whether it be in our immediate or extended family, a friend, co-worker or even our church family.  I encourage you to join in with me for a moment of silence today as we remember each member or former member of our armed forces. Please lift up these men and women and their families in your prayers, and be sure to thank them when you talk to them.

One person in my family who served in the armed forces was my dad, John Clark. He was in the Navy and  served during the Vietnam War on the USS Stribling. Thank you dad for serving our country, I love you.

My dad, John Clark

The USS Stribling. This is the ship that my dad was on.

I have several other family members and people from our church that have served our country. While I do not have pictures or know exactly what branch of the military all of them were in or where they served, I do know there names and have listed them below.

Chad Vann- my cousin. Served in the Air Force-retired this year after 20 years of service.
Joseph Blitch - my uncle
Jan Blitch- my cousin Navy
Stuart Vaughn - married to my cousin Kimberly
Dan Vaughn - family friend
Rosie Powers - friend served in the Marines
Ricky Lord- friend served and gave his life in the Marines. August 20, 1979 - August 18, 2004

So remember to keep our men and women who are currently serving in your prayers and thank God for the ones who have already served.

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  1. Great post!! Love the pictures; where'd you find the one of the ship? I'm so glad you did this, it made me a little teary and very thankful!!