Monday, November 2, 2009

On the Road Again

We were up early this morning, 3:00a.m. to be exact. Then out of the house a little after 4:00a.m. and at the Church at 4:30a.m. We loaded up vans and said a prayer then we were officially on the road at 5:00a.m. Our destination you ask, New Orleans, LA. Our mission, to be a part of Operation Noah Rebuild which is through the North American Mission Board to help rebuild homes that were lost during hurricane Katrina, and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people we come in contact with while here.

When my husband first started talking about this mission trip back during the summer I so wanted to come with them and be a part of what they were going to be doing. Then it was decided the dates that the folks from our Church along with a few others from a sister Church would be coming out to do the work that they were called to do. The problem is my kids had school for that week and I still had my sisters boys to keep and knew that I would not be able to make this trip with them. So lets go back a few weeks to Kaelyn's birthday party, somehow we got on the topic of the mission trip and I was asked by my mom and sister if I was going. I told them no, they asked why and I explained why. They both told me right then and there that if I wanted to go they would work things out with keeping my kids and making sure Crystal's boys were taken care of too. I then explained that it was to late to turn in my name and money because the due date for this had come and gone. Well the next day is Sunday and we are at Church, during the offering hymn, Chuck leans over and says to me, someone backed out of going on the mission trip so there is a spot available if you want to go. Imagine my surprise and willingness to go. Of course mom agreed to keep Tyler and Kaelyn for me while I am gone. My Aunt Betty is also helping take care of them and is house sitting for us while we are gone. All I can say is that it was meant for me to be here this week in New Orleans and that I have a wonderful family.

I will do a post about the trip along with pictures when I return home. Right now I am on a very sweet ladies computer here where we are staying at. She is one of the cooks with Disaster Relief program. She told me whenever I needed to use a computer that I was more than welcome to use hers. I don't want to take advantage of it, so this will be my last post until I return home on Saturday. Please keep our Mission Team in your prayers this week, there are 17 of us total.

Isaiah 6:8

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