Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Notebook

So in my last post I mentioned my Christmas notebook, and as I said, I am going to tell you about it right here.

This is my Christmas Notebook

Hopefully this will help me keep up with everything I have going on during the Christmas season. Here is how I use it:

In the very front of the notebook I have a pencil holder that zips to hold all my receipts for gifts that I have purchased. No more lost receipts. : )

Receipt holder

Then after that I have seven tab dividers. Each one with its own title. The first one is labeled calendar, this helps to keep up with your schedule, (parties, dinners, appointments, or even shopping trips).
The next one is family gifts. Behind this tab I have a sheet of paper for each family member I am buying for. I always seem to forget what I have purchased for members of my family. So as I make the purchases, I can write it down on their page. It also works well with writing down what I plan to purchase or make for each person on my list.
The third tab is labeled other gifts. This is great for my children's teachers and non family members that I want to get a gift for.
The next one would be Christmas cards. Here I have listed who I am going to send a card to and also jot down who we received  a card from.
The fifth tab is labeled decorating ideas. From putting magazine pictures and articles to other blogs that I read. If I can't decorate like that this year, then I will have ideas for future Christmases.
The next one would be for holiday food. This section is great for Christmas dinner planning and also for any parties you will need to take food to.
Finally the last one is for Thank You notes. Here you can keep track of who you need to send a personal thank you note to.

I would love to say that I came up with this idea on my own, but it is not so. I have to give credit to Karen Ehman  for this great organizational guide. To find out more about setting up your Christmas Notebook or just to see where I got the idea be sure to check out her site. Thanks Karen for a great idea.

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