Friday, September 7, 2012

A very welcomed visit

Last weekend was one I will cherish forever. Some of my family came for a visit. Mom, Crystal (my sister) and her two boys and my Aunt arrived at our house right around noon on Saturday. My sister surprised me with this housewarming gift. IMAG0312
After making arrangements for where everyone would be staying for the weekend, (Aunt Betty would be staying at Aunt Esther’s house which is my mom and Aunt Betty’s older sister. She lives about 15 minutes away from us. Mom, Crystal and the boys stayed with us.) we headed to Dothan to do a little retail therapy. On our way home, we saw this:logo
So of course we had to stop and get some doughnuts. DSCN5687
Once we made it back home, we got ready to go out to eat. We met my Uncle Kent (his wife Aunt Esther was at the FSU game) at Grady’s (our cousin & her husbands seafood restaurant here in Graceville) for supper. 
After supper we came back to the house to relax and have some time of visiting with one another.  We played dominos and had a cup of coffee with our doughnuts.
We even got hats from Krispy Kreme. Love that Waylon let me take pictures of him with Kaelyn and his mom. Wyatt was too busy to have his picture taken.
On Sunday Waylon went to children’s church but Wyatt wanted to sit in “big church” with his momma. When church was over I went back to pick up Waylon.  When I saw him, I noticed that he had a red mark on his forehead.  I asked him what happened to his head and he told me, "well, I was kinda tired and they were talking a lot, and it was makin my brain hurt, so I laid my head down and took a nap." Got to love that boy.
After we had lunch on Sunday, Mom, Crystal, Kaelyn & the boys and I went back to Dothan. While we were driving, Wyatt informed us that "Aunt Betty's dollars live in Alabama." He had remembered that Aunt Betty’s daughter lives in Alabama. While we were at the mall, the boys were able to ride the carousel.
Then the dreaded day (Monday) came, yes the one where my family had to leave to go back home. Before they left, Chuck grilled some ribs for us and we had some potato salad, baked beans and macaroni and cheese to go with them. Crystal baked us some homemade chocolate chip cookies, yummy! Aunt Esther brought Aunt Betty back to our house so that she could catch a ride back home with them. I am so thankful that I was able to have that time with my family, but I was so sad (yes I cried while we were saying our “see you later”) that they had to go back home.
While mom was here, she was able to buy a computer for her house. Chuck got everything set up on it for her before she went back home. Then Crystal helped her get it connected to the internet. So we were able to Skype with my mom last night. So thankful that I can see her when I talk to her now.
Looking forward to visiting with my family again, but for now Skype will have to do. 


  1. I love that your Mom will Skype with you! How sweet!!!
    And oh girl--the hot Krispy Kreme sign is a blessing from ABOVE and none other! WHOO !!!!

  2. So glad yall had a good visit, Tania. I know you must miss your mom and Crystal. I have no earthly idea how to Skype, but I love that your momma does!! Take care :)