Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another Throw Back Thursday

Last week I shared some fill in the blank quotes from Kaelyn that were in her "All About Me...." book from kindergarten. So this week I am going to share what she said about her Daddy and me. Kaelyn's answers are in pink.

My Daddy
My daddy has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.
My daddy likes to play on the computer.
My daddy is handsomest when we go to fancy places.
My daddy is funniest when there is nothing to do.
He likes for me to help him take out the garbage.
When I am naughty he sends me to my room.
When I am good he snuggles with me.

My Mother
My mother has green eyes and light brown hair.
My mother likes to scrapbooking.
My mother is prettiest when we go to a wedding.
I like best for her to cook a cake.
I don't like it when she cooks squash.
She likes for me to help her bake a cake.
When I am naughty she puts me in time out.
When I am good she tells me good job.

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