Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Saying So Long, Insecurity

Several months ago I wrote about how I had won two tickets to a Beth Moore event of my choice to attend in 2010.  So I decided (it wasn't a hard decision) to offer one of the tickets to my sister Crystal.  We looked at each event and finally decided that we wanted to attend the So Long, Insecurity event. At the time that we looked into attending this particular event, I didn't know that she would be having a book coming out to go through before the event. Then in November I read a post on the LPM Blog about Beth's new book:

This book went on sale today. I have anxiously been awaiting this day for several months now, so of course I went and purchased my book. The one thing that I am really excited about in getting started reading this book is the study that will go along with it. To find out more about that, you can go HERE and Beth explains how this will work.

I can't wait to start this venture with my sister Crystal. We are ready to say "So Long, Insecurity you've been a bad friend to us".  And to those of you who have purchased the book and are going to be going through the study too, I pray that you will also be saying the same thing. 

We can do this!


  1. Love books on self improvement, I will check out the book too :)

  2. Oh my gosh, Tania! I am so jealous (in a good way... ha) that you and Crystal are going to the Atlanta event! That is so awesome! I wanted to go, but the tickets are sold out! We'll be seeing Beth at a Living Proof Live event the weekend before near Tampa.. Anyway... I bought the book yesterday, too! And I cant put it down! I am doign to the study with the LPM blog, too, but wanted to read the whole thing first! I am on Chapter 8 and I think the "how to get over it" stuff is fixing to come out! I wish I had the money to buy every woman I know this book! I see myself in so many of the scenarios and I am praying BIG things come from this book! Will be praying for you & Crystal as you go through it together, as sisters! Thats so sweet... Love you girls and I cant wait to see what God does with all of this!