Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Winner lives here....

Last Wednesday I was reading The LPM Blog and Beth was announcing her daughter Amanda's 30th birthday. So in honor of Amanda's birthday Beth was doing a giveaway of two tickets to any Living Proof Live event in 2010 to 30 people. Of course I registered to "try for those tickets", thinking that I would probably not win. They held the drawing last Friday, (I was out of town at a counseling conference and did not get home until Saturday night) and posted the winners of the giveaway, that's right all 30 of them. So when I got home Saturday I signed on to my blog page and saw that I had a comment that needed to be moderated. It was from my new friend Annie, her message to me was "TANIA!!! Oh my word, you WON one of the Giveaways on the Living Proof blog!!! Ahhh!!! How exciting!!!! Out of almost 2500 people you WON! How cool is that?!?!?!?" A big THANK YOU to Annie for her exciting comment to let me know I won. I was so excited when I read that! So I went on over to The LPM Blog to see how to get the two tickets that I had won. I am so excited about going to see Beth Moore and to hear her teach the word of God. Now for the hard part, who do I take with me???????


  1. Ummm...hello....sister that you love so much...

  2. Congrats! That is HUGE. What a lucky woman you are. I agree, you must take your sister! (You know she will never quit fussing if you take anyone else...Ha!)