Tuesday, October 13, 2009

She's not a baby anymore.....she's now ten!

Kaelyn is officially ten years old today. Yesterday I told her, "Today is the last day that you will ever be nine." She just looked at me like I was crazy or something, (who knows, I sure have felt like it over the last week, but then again I feel like that every year around my kids birthdays.) Since we celebrated her birthday this past Saturday, I really don't have a large post as far as words go about her birthday. I do have some pictures that I went through earlier today and decided that I would share some of my favorite pictures of Kaelyn.

Here she is at 3 months old.

With her big brother Tyler.

Kaelyn at 12 months.

All smiles

How sweet!

                                                      Christmas 2001 - 2 years old      

Kaelyn and her Daddy

This is one of my very favorite pictures of her.
She is 2 years old.

Kaelyn and me sharing a homemade milkshake.

Kaelyn and her best friend Emily
at Kaelyn's 4th birthday party.

A Tea Party for her 6th Birthday.

My sweet girl.



  1. How sweet! Happy Birthday to Kaelyn! The pictures are all so precious! She was such a cute baby and such a beautiful 10 year old! :)

  2. Awww...those are so sweet! There are so many memories tied to each of those! I'm so happy & proud to be a part of her life and all those memories. It seems like not so long ago she was that precious baby girl and now she's turning into a beautiful young lady. I miss the baby but I'm so excited to watch and see who she becomes!

  3. TANIA!!! Oh my word, you WON one of the Giveaways on the Living Proof blog!!! Ahhh!!! How exciting!!!! Out of almost 2500 people you WON! How cool is that?!?!?!?

  4. SO so sweet, Tania! I will always see Tania as her 12 month baby picture!