Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Little Baker

This morning after taking my nephew Waylon to school, his brother Wyatt and I stopped by the store to buy some cookie dough. I decided that we would bake cookies today and surprise Kaelyn for her birthday. We had her party with cake and all on Saturday, so I knew we didn't need anymore cake today. I told Wyatt we were going to make some cookies today for Kaelyn. He was fine with making cookies, he just didn't want to make them for Kaelyn. He told me "not Kaeyn (Kaelyn), make cookies for Wyatt." So I suggested we make cookies for Wyatt and he could share with Kaelyn and Tyler. He said, "share with Kaeyn and Tyr". I just love to listen to him talk.

Here is the package for our cookies.

Working so hard.
(The cookie sheet really is clean, just old)

Our freshly baked cookies.

After letting the cookies cool, I put them on a plate and showed them to Wyatt. Of course the first thing he did was smile and grabbed a cookie and started eating. He finished that one and lo and behold if he doesn't grab another one. I covered them and put them out of sight so that we would have some left for Kaelyn and Tyler when they come home from school today.


  1. That Wyatt is so dang cute! I am wishing for one of those cookies about now. HA!

  2. So cute! I am laughing that you pointed out that the cookie sheet is clean, just old! All of my round cake pans look like that and when someone's over I always say that, too! Ha... I want one of those cookie sheets, though- my mom has a couple just like it and they are the best!!