Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'ts The Great Pumpkin.....

My nephew Wyatt has been a busy little guy. I decided it would be fun for him to make some "artsy" things for his sweet Momma. Wyatt just loves to make things, he especially likes to glue with "his glue" and he also likes to use my stamp pads. Yesterday I gave him a small circle sponge and a cut out of a pumpkin, and he went to town stamping his pumpkin orange.

Notice the intense look on his face.

Still working away.

One proud artist.

Then last week we made a scarecrow out of different shapes and colors. From what Crystal told me, Wyatt took his scarecrow home to her and told her about some of the shapes that we used. So he was listening to me when I was telling him the different shapes.

Okay, so I know it doesn't look like the work of a two year old. I do admit to helping him quite a bit on this project. He was more interested in that darn glue stick than anything else. I would give him the paper and he would put the glue on it and say, "here Aun (Aunt) Tan (Tania)" so I did piece the thing together, he did put the eyes, nose and buttons on.

Wyatt has not been the only one doing fall crafts, my daughter Kaelyn made a cute fall wreath at school. They used a red paper plate with the center cut out and two holes punched out at the top to string the ribbon through. She arranged the fall foliage onto the plate and then added an orange ribbon to hang it with. I think that she did an excellent job with her arrangement.

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