Sunday, March 27, 2011

My New Ride

A couple of weeks ago my friend Carrie wrote about a bike that she had her eye on. Well  I have been wanting to get a bike for myself for some time now and had found one that I liked. Last week I was finally able to get it. The only thing it was missing was a basket for the front, (to hold my camera, phone, etc) so while I was getting the bike I told Kaelyn that all I needed now was a basket. Kaelyn found the baskets for bikes and picked one out for me, she also got one for her bike too.

I have had such a fun time going out on rides with my family, nothing like riding a bike and having the wind blow through your hair. Can't wait to see where our rides will take us, I have a feeling one place will be at the newly opened Sonic down the road. My kids have it all figured out how we can take our bikes out for a ride and make a stop at Sonic for a drink and then back on the bikes for the rest of our ride.

Carrie, hope you get your bike soon and are able to go on some adventures too.


  1. Too funny, especially the fact that Mom & I discussed the Sonic grand opening and were pretty sure yall would ride your bikes down for happy hour!! 1/2 price Route 44 root beer, here you come!! ;)

  2. I LOVE it Tania! I am green with envy, friend. I haven't gotten mine yet, but when I do, I will be looking for a cute wicker basket too!