Monday, March 28, 2011

Strawberry Pickin'

Last Thursday my mom and I went on a field trip with my nephews Waylon and Wyatt. Our destination was Rogers Farm to pick strawberries. Before we could pick the strawberries we watched a short movie about how the Rogers family prepare the fields for planting, the planting process and the picking of the strawberries. We were also taught the correct way to pick a strawberry. After watching the movie we went on a hay ride where  we saw fields planted in onions, squash, eggplant, okra and of course strawberries. When we were finished with our hay ride we had a picnic lunch and then there was time to play. Finally the time came to do some strawberry pickin'.

Waylon picking a strawberry.

Wyatt picking a strawberry.

My strawberry pickers.

Once we finished picking strawberries we went back to my house where they boys, my mom and I ate some of the strawberries we picked.


  1. Thanks so much for chaperoning for me!! I really appreciate it and I know the boys were glad you went!

  2. What a fun field trip, Tania!

  3. What a fun aunt and nana you are for going with the boys! (and a wonderful sister, too!) :) I didnt know Rogers' farm grew strawberries! We may have to go out there now! We go in the summer and buy peas from them. Thier pea sheller is AMAZING. Its HUGE and so neat to see! Last year when we went I got to meet Mr. & Mrs. Rogers. Very sweet people. :)

  4. So glad you were able to go, it was such a nice day! I really love the pics you took of Waylon and Wyatt's little hands picking those strawberries..Priceless!!