Thursday, March 10, 2011

She's too young

When I picked Kaelyn up from school a few days ago, she informed me that a boy in her class had asked her out. Trying to stay as calm as I could with this news, I asked her where was he planning on taking her out too? Although inside I was screaming NOOOOOO!!!!! Kaelyn tells me, "I don't know because I told him no!" She said that he wanted to know why she wouldn't go out with him and her reply to him was this:
Kaelyn: First of all I am only 11.
Boy: So, I'm 11 too.
Kaelyn: If I go out with you I will be sinning.
Boy: What?
Kaelyn: If I go out with you I will be sinning, because I will be going against my parents rules and also against God because I would be disobeying my parents.

As you can imagine her answer to him just thrilled me. Yes she is way to young to be "going out" with some boy and we are not in any hurry for her to start getting interested in boys. I know it will come soon enough, and I am not looking forward to that at all.

Then the next day this boys sister tells Kaelyn, I'm going to tell my brother to ask you out again. Kaelyn kindly told her that she will keep telling him no, so he shouldn't even bother asking her.

She is still my baby!

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  1. That is scary! We tell our girls that they won't be dating or getting married until at least 25...haha! All joking aside, we are gonna do the courtship thing with any prospective boys!