Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DIY Fall Décor

I enjoy buying décor for our home, but sometimes I like to make something with the things I have on hand. So a few weeks ago when I was getting my fall items out, I came across some fall ribbon that my sister gave me last year and also these little prickly ball like things that I picked up off the ground and put in a zip lock bag (thinking that they would be good for a project one day). I’m not sure what they are actually called, but if anyone knows please tell me.
Fall 1
I took a vase, those prickly things, Velcro and some ribbon. First of all I measured the ribbon around my vase and cut it, then I put Velcro on my ribbon so that I could easily wrap the ribbon around the vase. Next I stacked the prickly things into the vase.
Fall 2
This was a very quick and easy project. I think I will put some of those small Christmas ornaments in the vase and add some festive ribbon too for a cute Christmas vase.


  1. I love a fall project, Tania! Glad to read you all are doing well :)

  2. I can't remember what those prickly things are called......but I LOVE that you are using them in your fall decor! SO CUTE!! I may have to try the velcro on ribbon trick!!!