Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Aquarium and Bass Pro Shop

July 28, 2009- Today we took Tyler and Kaelyn to the Downtown Aquarium. We were not sure how long it would take us to walk through and look at everything they had there. It ended up only taking about an hour to explore the aquarium. We saw some pretty neat and unusual animals there. I was not able to get pictures of everything that I wanted to, as taking pictures through the glass tanks they had there didn't turn out very well.

After our visit at the aquarium we went to the Cherry Creek Mall, where we had pizza for lunch. Tyler and Kaelyn did a little shopping and both got a Denver Broncos hat. Tyler went with a blue one with the orange and white logo, and of course Kaelyn had to have a pink one with a white logo. After the hat purchases we stopped by the ice cream shop so the kids could get ice cream. While they were doing that I walked over to Cinnabon and bought Chuck and myself a cinnamon roll to have later in the evening with our coffee. Several years ago Chuck and I started having coffee in the evenings together, (when the weather is nice we have it outside) and this is our time to have together to talk or sometimes just sit quietly together. The kids know that they are not supposed to bother us unless it is a true emergency. No we don't just ignore our kids and not have time for them, but we do carve out time for us and try to spend at least 30 to 45 minutes each day with just alone time, some may say, "why can't you have that time after your kids have gone to bed?" , my answer to that question is, I believe that our children need to see there parents having time for one another and see parents loving each other. Okay, so I know I've gotten off from telling about our trip here, sorry, but I needed to get that out for some reason.
We got back to the hotel in time for Chuck and the kids to put on swimsuits and head to the pool for some afternoon swim time. I opted to stay in the room for some rest time. When the "fishies" got finished swimming it was time to get ready to go eat dinner. We met up with my father-in-law and mother- in-law, and also my brother-in-law and went to the Bass Pro Shop. We ate dinner at the restaurant they have there. After eating we spent some time looking around. Tyler and Kaelyn both bought a shirt, I know they could have gotten one of those here in Florida, but they were just itching to buy something there. There was a shooting range there that Tyler and Kaelyn were able to shoot at some targets. Bless Kaelyn's heart though, I don't think she hit many of the targets that she was aiming for, but she did have a good time.

Tyler taking careful aim to hit his target

Kaelyn trying her best to hit something.

These were the targets they were trying to hit.
It was nice to have a relaxing day with my husband and kiddo's. I am so thankful that I was able to make memories with them.


  1. Looks like y'all are having a great trip! I can totally relate to K. not being able to hit a thing! Oh well. I think it's great that you make time for just you and Chuck. I know that is something I have told Adam. I never saw my parents having a quiet time together and I really wish I had. As Allie gets older, I hope she sees that in us. I agree, it's so important.

  2. I love an aquarium! We havent been yet to the big one in Atlanta, but it's on my "Want to do" list! I bet Denver's was great!
    I also love a BassPro shop. Now, I dont want to spend as much time as my honey could in there, but it's fun to look around...and I am always like Tyler & Kaelyn-- itching to just buy SOMETHING in there! :) Love that you guys have your time together each day. There's NOTHING like seeing your parents love each other. So glad you realize that and make it a point to make sure your kids see that! (I thought that in your previous post when you said you and Chuck stood in the different states and kissed...)