Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chapel and the Garden of the Gods

July 29, 2009- Today we decided not to take a guided tour as we had earlier in the week, but to do our own touring at our leisure. Our first stop was at the United States Air Force Academy. When we arrived there we stopped at the visitor center, where we took in all of the academy displays. I was really impressed with one of the displays, down at the bottom of the plaque were these words, "Who will go send me." Isaiah 6:8. We walked along the trail to see the Cadet Chapel, this is one of the most distinctive buildings in the country. The Chapel was beautiful, both inside and out.

Chuck & Kaelyn walking down the aisle of the chapel

A view of the chapel and dorms

While outside at the Chapel we were able to have a great view of the Cadet area. We observed the Cadets marching and practicing their drills.

Our family on the trail from the visitor center
to the Chapel.
Once we finished our touring at the Air Force Academy, it was time to stop off at the gift shop. Tyler loves planes (one day he would like to design planes for the military) so he bought a couple of posters of planes that the Air Force uses. You would have thought those posters were secret plans for something the way he has protected them.
Next on our stop, something for lunch. We ate at the Balanced Rock Cafe in the Trading Post at the Garden of the Gods. After lunch we got back in our rental cars and drove through the Garden of the Gods. If you are ever in Colorado Springs, make time to visit this interesting place. All I can say is it is gorgeous!

The Scotsman

My sweet little girl

My strong young man!
We had a great time today, very tired, but a great day!

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