Saturday, August 22, 2009

School, Owls, Lego's and more!

I started keeping my nephew Waylon when he was just six weeks old. This past Monday, he started Pre-K at the local elementary school. I was saddened this past spring when his mom (my sister) told me he would be going to school in August. I am happy that he is going to be getting services there that I could not provide for him, but at the same time I am missing him on the days that I keep his little brother Wyatt. I did have the privilege of getting Waylon ready and taking him to school. He cried when I took him (he didn't want to stay) and Wyatt cried because he wanted to stay at school. I wanted to just pick him up and love on him and bring him back home with me. I didn't though, because I knew that he needed to be there and also because his parents would not be very pleased with me. His teacher said he didn't cry for long, which made me feel a whole lot better about leaving him. One thing that I can say about not having Waylon during school hours with me is that I now have time to have that one on one bonding time with Wyatt. I have never really had time for just Wyatt like I did with Waylon. So this past week started my days of Wyatt bonding. Actually next week will be the real thing, my kids don't start school until then so I had to share Wyatt with "Tyr" (Tyler) and "Kaen" (Kaelyn) as he calls them. I did get to sit with Wyatt at the table while he and I colored an owl, then I cut it out and he did the gluing with a little help from "Tes" (that is how the boys say my name, I guess they hear us saying Aunt Tania's and to them it sounds like Tes). Wyatt really liked playing with Tyler's Lego's (hint hint Crystal). Yesterday Wyatt, Tyler and Kaelyn came out of the bedroom with Kaelyn playing her guitar, Tyler playing drums (that he made from some boxes) and Wyatt playing a trumpet (out of a paper towel tube). Not only did they have a band of their own, but they were a marching band. I love to watch Wyatt march. He would tell me, "Watch Tes, I march). It doesn't get any sweeter than that.

Wyatt with his "ow"

Playing with Lego's

"Little Drummer Boy"
Waylon came to my house after school on the days that I was keeping Wyatt. One of the first things that Waylon did when he got here, was to go over to the computer and want me to turn it on for him. After I would turn on the computer he would show me what he wanted to play (every time it was the Publix Preschool Pals). He would spend about ten minutes playing then get down and go play with something else.
I know that Waylon is going to have a great year at school. He has two very sweet teachers (Mrs. Christy and Mrs. Wendy) and I know that they both love the kids that they are working with. Yes, I will miss him during the day, but I will still have him in the afternoons and I'm almost positive that if I tell Crystal I need a Waylon fix, she will let me spend that time with him.

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