Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Reunion

Today we got together once again for a family reunion. This time it was for my side of the family, (my mom's family). We were able to visit with my mom's sisters, brother and their children and grandchildren. Also in attendance were some of her cousins and their children. When my mom's dad was still living we would have this reunion every August. Then as some of the older generation started having health problems, the reunions were few and far between. Eventually they stopped having them. Then four years ago, some of mom's cousins decided to get together and start the reunions again. The first two years that they did, the attendance was really good. However, the last two have not been well attended. I know that the last three years our family has gotten the award for having the most family in attendance. I would have to say that is partly because this is the only time that we see some of mom's siblings, and we look forward to seeing them and of course getting to eat some of the best coconut cream pie that my Aunt makes. (YUMMY!!!)

I hate to say it, but we just take for granted that we will see them again at the next reunion. The sad thing about it, is that they don't even live in another state, just up in the northern part of the panhandle. So I have decided that I am not going to wait for the next reunion, Chuck and I are going to take the time to take our kids to see my aunt and her family. I want my children to know my aunt, uncle and cousins, not just know who they are, but to know them like I do. I also want to get to know my cousins children better.

Our family


  1. Bravo for you! What a great lesson to teach your kids, just how important family is. Excellent memories as well.

  2. That was really fun, but too short of a day. I would love to take the boys up there...let me know when you're going & I'll invite myself (like I usually do hahaha!!!) And you really shouldn't speak of the pie when we're trying to eat healthier...ohhhh...that's so mean of you...especially when we have to wait for next year to eat more! :(